Sunday, February 27, 2011

Li'tya Marta Kodo Rock Massage

I headed back to Bodhi J Day spa again yesterday. The 30 day challenge is a perfect excuse to get some pampering. Some people may feel uncomfortable in such surroundings as a day spa but the staff at Bodhi J are so professional yet totally relaxed and normal. When I arrived Danny who was running the desk was chatting away to me like a long lost friend.

My treatment of choice was the 90 minute Li'tya Marta Kodo Rock Massage. I've had a hot rocks before but this one knocked the pants of it. I had the same therapist as last time, Tegan, which was a nice surprise as I hadn't requested her. This was a nice touch as I liked her approach and felt comfortable with a familiar face. 

We started with a relaxing foot soak whilst we sensory tested the massage oil to see which I connected with. I went with the second one I smelt which turned out to be the detox oil! It was full of refreshing lemon myrtle, I think this is why I was attracted to it. Then I was asked to select four out of eight stones that were laid out in a spiral. I had to pick up each stone and see which I liked in terms of shape, weight, colour, feel. This is another part of the experience I like. Everything is connected to the earth and your feelings. For me to select which stones I wished to have used and which oil is very personal. It makes it unique.

The rest was pure bliss. The warm pressure of the stones is amazing. Your muscles wake up and react to the heat, just like in Bikram. I think I did actually fall asleep at one point I was that relaxed. 90 minutes seemed to fly by. I felt great afterward, so good I sailed through a multanova on the freeway 8km over the limit. DOH!!! What an end to a great day, I may get stuck with a speeding fine. (if I do it will be my first ever speeding/driving offense in 15 years of driving so hey ho!) I still highly recommend Bodhi J, it's only 20 minutes from Joondalup with loads of free street parking down the side. Go get some pamper time both guys and gals you'll love it.

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