Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 7 - Week one done!

I'd like to start this post by saying a huge thank you to everyone who is reading and following my Sweaty Adventure. I've had some nice feedback from fellow BYJer's. I'm pleased my ramblings are helping some of you in a positive way.

Small class today at 5:45am with Liz. The group energy and synergy were really in tune. The room didn't seem as humid as usual, wow I can't believe I would ever complain it wasn't steamy enough!! It was fine and in these classes it's good to really push hard as your not struggling with the heat so much. 

I was feeling the early morning today. My joints and muscles took a long time to get juicey. Toe stand rocked for me today. It wasn't perfect by no means, I know I was tipping forward but I managed to get up off my heal with out falling over. The rest of my balancing postures were perfectly wobbly today! My thigh's wouldn't stay zipped in triangle and there was nearly a Bambi on ice moment.

This brings me onto talking about balance. Not just the one legged kind but keeping balance within yourself throughout the series. We all favour a side and have a weak side, mine's the left. For about the first three months of practicing I always turned the same way into and out of Savasana. I got pretty nifty at dropping down onto my left elbow and was fully down before the count of three finished. Then a couple of instructors mentioned keeping balance. Don't turn the same way each time, alternate it, keep it even. The first time I went to the right I was so un-co, gone was the smooth transition. It's coming along now but only because I make sure I alternate the way I turn each time. This will help balance out the weak side.

Liz did a quick and informative demo of 'rounding down' in Head to Knee with Stretching. (Yoga dorks that's Janushirasana with Paschimottanasna) She suggested having a go for the flexible people to lock out the leg, flexing the toes back so the heel comes off the floor to start, then round down with interlaced ten finger grip to grab the foot. I'm one for always bending the knee up to meet my forehead then grab the foot and finally locking out, it's easier. I found today I can actually get right down this way, locked out to start with. I've been called out before for hanging out with forehead to knee when I could get my head on my thigh. Just to note if you can't reach your foot or get forehead to knee contact bend that knee up as much as you can till you get it! Locking out comes later, trust me it will one day, just get that head to the knee and chin in.

A few people have asked me about the almond, cashew and walnut spread I eat. I'll make a whole new post to cover this later on so stayed tuned!

That's it seven consecutive days of classes done, week one complete. Just got to do the same again times three!

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