Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Get Organized!

Last night I had a reality check. It's been two months since my last 30 dayer and I'd forgotten how many extra tasks are involved. Obviously you have to get to class every day but with that brings other responsibilities. Laundry for one. I unpacked one sweaty dry bag of yoga clothes and yogitoes, my damp hair towel and shower bag. These needed washing/drying out. My travel shampoo need refilling as well. That didn't take long but then I had to pack my bag for tonight's class. 

I'm quite forgetful, I won't list what I have left at various studio's over the past month, so anything that makes life easier I do. Hence I have three sets of everything. One shower bag stay's in my 'morning yoga' bag along with a towel, dry bag and hairbrush/lackies. I have another bag with a mini wash bag for evening classes with the essential make up remover wipes, hand towel, another hairbrush and lackies. Then a set of shower/face products that stay at home. Three sets! I won't go into how many yoga outfits I have as that might take up a whole new post. I do have enough not to have to wash every day but I can't stand the thought/smell of stale sweat in my house.

Each evening I am unpacking and repacking bags of yoga clothes/work clothes. After that is complete there is still the normal evening activities of cooking, cleaning and in my case sleeping. After all this there's not much time to do anything else with the alarm going off at 4:40am!

The next essential task during challenges is eating. You need to be well nourished so your body has enough fuel to get you through the intense physical demands of 30 days of Bikram. It is amazing how much better I do in a class if I've eaten and hydrated well. Therefore my evenings are spent cooking well balanced, healthy food with left overs for lunch the next day. For the morning classes I need to pack up food for breakfast as well which I eat when I get to work. Plus the usual emergency snacks of nuts, cheese and fruit must be packed and on hand. So much to plan and pack. 

Of course you don't have to do this, you can buy your food ready made and leave your laundry and household chores to the weekend. But I like to leave the weekends free for fun things, not cleaning! Also making your own food is better than eating processed rubbish and cheaper. 

I'll just write quickly about electrolytes which are essential for challengers. This is yet another thing I must remember to keep with me and take. I use NutriBiotic Essential Electrolytes available here. They have all the right balance of magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium in an easy to take capsule. They contain no sweeteners, colorings, flavorings, or preservatives. Gluten & GMO Free. I take them before and after class as directed.  If any one is interested in ordering from iherb, plug in this code EG0223 at checkout to receive $5 off your first order. (Shipping to Aus under 3 lbs is only $4) I also use Nuun water soluble tablets for after class if I'm feeling flat. In the evenings I take Ultra Muscleze a fantastic magnesium supplement, great for tired muscles and winding down after a late class. (Available at BYJ reception)

After re-reading this post I think the actual Bikram class is the easiest part of the challenge. Fitting your everyday life around it is the hard part! It's so worth it though, the amazing sense of well being and achievement these challenges bring.


  1. its so true planning everything else around class is the harder part. i LOVE me some coconut water and i also drink pedialyte (not sure if they have that there) diluted in water during class. it lacks a lot of unnecessary sugars and i feel replenished. its an electrlyte replacement for kiddos.

  2. Unfortunately I hate coconut, wish I liked it the coco water is such a good electrolyte. I've heard of pedialyte but don't think we have it here. For in class I have my trusty himalayan salted water, I tried adding fresh lime to it but once it gets warm it was revolting!