Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 23 - Wednesday 6pm

I thought I might not make it tonight. I had a very last minute rush on at work. The sort that I was actually packing up to leave and then had to get back to it. I did make it for 6pm and had plenty of time to change, mat down and have a very quick chat before class. 

Liz was leading us through today. I had no problem staying present today. My mind was so tired I found it easy to turn off and tune into her voice. I made a strong effort to stay in the full length of the posture. My strength left me in standing head to knee and I bombed a few seconds before the end without getting near the full expression. I could describe today's class as present but not strong. I felt weak but not in a yoga bus kinda way, just tired. Instead of going hard I tried to concentrate on alignment and form. This didn't go so well and I nearly fell over going into tree! I wobbled my way through toe stand and felt a little down about having a rubbish standing series.

We got a nice mini break whilst Janette demonstrated a fantastic Balancing stick whilst being pulled from both ends. I took the opportunity to kneel down (obviously so the people behind could see :-) ) and catch my breath.

Not to worry the standing series was not great the floor series went well. Not the best but not horrific. My mind was telling me it needed a drink and it was so hard to ignore it in Fixed Firm. I lost the plot and even started glancing round to see if anyone else was drinking so it would be okay for me to drink. What a nutter, who cares what everyone else is doing!!! I got back on the job and got my head and shoulders on the floor pushing those watery thoughts away.

There was one issue I had with today's class. Sorry to moan but it was a little stupid. One new student decided he was going to be sick so tried to leave the room. Liz tried her best to keep him there but he went. We finished our posture and she went to check on him by leaving the room. Suddenly the room erupted into movement. I could hear the sloshing and sucking of drinking, people talking and I could sense moving. It was like being at school, 'quick teachers left lets be naughty.' Jeez all I was thinking was hoorah, we get a longer savasana, I couldn't think of anything better than to lay still and enjoy the moment. I was quite disappointed today fellow BYJers. Order was restored, the sick student return which was great and he stayed till the end. 

I felt I finished the class well with a good final spinal despite having a good glug of water before the end. Another nothing to write home about class. I know deep down I want to be stronger but at this point in the last challenge I was broken down. I had very bad lower back ache and tight hamstrings. I couldn't have even contemplated doing a double. I'm in much better shape this time, nothing is painful and I should be proud of my achievements. I'm even thinking of doing a 'just for fun' double on the weekend. There was no way I would have done that in the final few days last time. I think I'm just feeling the toll of working full time, commuting one hour (car and train) every day and running a home as well as doing the challenge. On a positive note I'm loving this yoga, I'm liking the routine it gives me and the 90 minutes of pure me time where I can let go, cleanse and heal myself in my happy place.

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