Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3

Last night went really fast. It felt like I'd only just gotten to sleep and the alarm was ringing out. I might be a bit strange but the mornings I have Bikram I find it easy to get up & out even at 5am. My bed may be warm but the studio is a LOT warmer! I start these early mornings with 500ml of water with a pinch of Himalayan salts that has been allowed to dissolve over night. Today my protein snack was two teaspoons of organic almond and cashew spread. Easy to digest and gives me the energy to get through the 90 minutes.

I wasn't the only one at the studio less than twelve hours since I left. A fellow regular on her 60 day challenge was back & joked we should bring our beds to the studio. Also our instructor took the 8pm class the previous evening and was back again for 5:45am. 

Small class today about fourteen people. Liz our long term guest instructor from Indiana/Las Vegas was our guide. I took a spot right in the back row. Alas no one was in front of me at all, so I had a clear view of the mirror again. Maybe a should start putting my mat down five or ten minutes before the class starts and selecting a restricted view spot? 

It took me a while to warm up which is usual for these early classes. I thought I may be stiff after pushing myself hard the night before but I was okay. I have been working really hard on standing head to knee. I could hardly kick out before Christmas and suddenly it all came at once. Locked knees, kicking and flexing toes back, rounding down. It's no way perfect and I topple sideways after a few seconds of the full expression or my kicking leg drops down but I'm progressing. I have noticed if I have a good go at this posture my standing bow pulling goes a bit squiffy. My balance in this is quite solid but if I've gone hard in head to knee I find I haven't the strength to hold bow as my standing leg struggles to stay solid. Something more to work on as standing bow is one of my favourites.

My mind drifted off at one point in the floor series and I missed the queue for half tortoise. Yes I was just kneeling there looking blank. Apart from that another day done and I floated out of class energised and ready for the day.

Just one thing to add in regards to yesterday's organized post. The Missus has written a great blog post about what she calls being "Yoga Stoned." I've hear the term yoga brain which is the same thing. Your so chilled out after class you end up being really forgetful, for a naturally forgetful person like myself this can be quite dangerous. Hence all those things I've left at the studio recently! Take a look here...

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