Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 15 - Half Way Point!

It's official we are half way through the first 30 day challenge of 2011. I know some of you feel like it's been a battle to get this far but don't stop now this is when awesome things might happen... You've had two weeks to get into the swing of things, get organised, find out what is working best for you, set you intentions. You might feel like every muscle and bone is aching and shaking it's way through classes. That's good, you are building muscle memory, you are getting stronger. I found last time where I got sore a week later I had major breakthroughs in related postures. Stick with it. If it hurts, just smile, it will naturally relax you.

Nice surprise today at 5:45am. I resisted looking at the sign in list yesterday to see who was teaching, even though I did ask Liz if she was but she wasn't. Jo was at the helm again! I matted down on the back row but I have a feeling it was pretty much the same spot as Friday. I was creaking and crunching my way through the first warm up postures. My Awkward was all over the place and I just couldn't find the strength in my thighs to keep me from falling forward. Fellow second time challenger Gemma rocked this pose, she did such a good job it looked effortless. (maybe if I'd concentrate on myself I might have been less wobbley!!) My backbend was good I felt though. I'm remembering to stretch up and back lifting my chest up instead of sinking back into my lower spine for more depth.

My forehead touched the floor again! Spooky as it hasn't happened since Jo's last class, when I was in the near same spot. I shall not get attached to this thought, how well I do in a posture has nothing to do with having a 'lucky spot.' Jo actually came and stood by me at one point and directed my chin forward so the correct part of my forehead was on the towel. It felt good, I held it longer than last time. My legs were vastly far apart still but straight and strong.

Overall I felt good about today. However on the train to work I ran out of steam. I had drunk nearly one litre of water since class finished but I could feel my throat getting scratchy. Ahhh, after I said I don't get sick. But, this is probably a side effect of 15 consecutive days of Bikram. I am detoxing from inside out. Those toxins need to be released and a common symptom of detoxing is feeling like your getting the flu. I did a yoga, cleanse and detox last September in Byron Bay and I developed a stinking cold, I felt terrible. Over half the group got it too. My fault for not weening myself of caffeine, sugar, alcohol and meat as advised and going cold turkey onto a full organic vegan diet with non of the above. My mission for today is drink extra water to flush out any nasty things and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. And I get a lie in tomorrow morning woo hooo!!

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