Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 25 - The last Friday 5:45am

Not only was it the last Friday 5:45am for the Challengers, it was the last early morning class Liz would be guiding us through as she's leaving on Sunday. I know we shouldn't attach to things or people but it is sad after six months when an instructor moves on. Other visiting instructors only stay a short while, they do this job as a life style so they can travel, see the world and teach Bikram. It's Liz's time to move on to her next adventure. 

I am tired. Mentally I think, not so much physically but the former does impact the latter. I found I was looking for some comfort today. Usually I take care to select which work clothes I'm going to pack. Today I wanted easy, I wanted my jeans, trainers and thick hoodie. (My office has freezing air con, despite being +38 C outside today I needed warm clothes!!) I'd also decided I needed a Sumo Salad lunch so I didn't have to think about packing any. I also had an important task to complete and not forget. My mind was fully focused on not forgetting that task and hence everything else went to pony poo. I forgot that I needed a new book for the train today so ended up lugging the same novel with me today which I didn't feel like reading again so soon. I have a very basic mobile so didn't even have the luxury of internet. 

Even with the important task done, I was still all over the place. I matted down in my crutch spot of under the vent. I don't know why I did,  I've not been there for a while. It was steamy this morning, even driving in when it was still dark it felt warm outside. We were treated to some cool air early on, it was right on top of me and very icy. This actually was quite uncomfortable so I ended up stepping back a bit on my mat to avoid it. Apart from in Balancing Stick when I got it full force on my back. I love a cool blast in the floor series but this early on, even though the humidity was up, it wasn't good. Time to let go of the vent spot for good, it doesn't help, I need to keep sweating. After class I mentioned the cool air and it hadn't circulated its way around the room, not everyone had felt it. Maybe I was too attached to the cool air,  but now I don't need it as much as I think and it's a distraction. (However the air was very welcome by the time we reached camel!)

I do feel like I'm pushing through now. If everything else in life vanished for the next five days that would be great. But I know it won't and I can't afford to waste three days annual leave so I can spend next week purely focusing on yoga. (I can dream though!) At least it's the weekend and lots to look forward too tomorrow including a hot stone massage!  

Here's the poster for the Craig Villani Posture Workshop, I just finished it yesterday. Still don't know where the venue is yet but I'll got anywhere. (Most true as I first planned to go to his South of France retreat!)


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