Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 27 - Bon Voyage Liz

Sunday 8am. I don't usually head out so early on a Sunday, I like to spend the morning warming up for the afternoon class but today I had a good reason. It was Liz's last class at BYJ. We all went out for a lovely lunch yesterday to say goodbye but I felt like I needed to be there for her last class as well. Plus I was in charge of the her leaving gift and card so I had to be there!! My man was working today and headed out at 5am so no excuses I was up and moving at 6am.

I had just enough time to squeeze in a slightly more substantial snack before class. I had my usual nut spread but with half a slice of whole grain toast. I thought I might be pushing it with bread an hour and a half before class but it was fine. I managed a litre of water too.

Usually the 8am is pretty busy but not today. It was heating up outside for another 40 degree day. Some non-Bikramites might think we are totally crazy on a day this hot to want to go into a just as hot room to do yoga. It's awesome, your already warmed up, acclimatized and ready to go. Summer is a great time to practice. Plus you don't get a chill when you come out, you just keep on sweating!!

I matted down next to fellow challenger Gemma and I had 60 dayer Dee to my right but way over. It's nice to be surrounded by your friends, especially those who are sharing the challenge experience. I believe you can share energy and help each other through. We were second row but with a sparse first row we had good mirror views. Apart from mine was just on the join which makes one side of your body look huge between the two mirrors. 

I felt good today. Pada-hastasana warm was crunchy the first set. I did notice how I'm in need of a pedicure and polish, ahhh stay in the room! Jessica my first Bikram instructor always used to comment at this point, "Don't look at your pretty toe nails." I find my mind/eyes wondering in the set up for fixed firm too, 'oww look at my scabby heels.' So stupid how you notice these things in the yoga room. 

I had a good class today. My kick out was better today but I backed off as I felt a slight pinch again in my hip like yesterday. I went really hard in the first set of balancing stick which led to my balancing leg crumbling in the second set. I couldn't set a solid foundation and performed a perfect broken umbrella! I really enjoyed Camel today, I felt I went a touch further back and my hips further forward. I had no crazy feelings or cravings. I must have been cleared out in my massage yesterday.

One thing I will take away from Liz's classes is how perceptive she is to people not staying present. The moment I feel I've lost the plot and come down early Liz is there, on it, "stay present!" I also love in the first part of Awkward the way she says "push your booty back towards the back wall." The word booty wouldn't sound the same in any other accent. It's a light relief in a posture I swear under my breath about. Oh and "no crazy fingers" in Awkward as well. It's true so many people forget to keep their fingers together and have the crazy fingers going on! Liz we'll miss you, come back soon!!

I contemplated doing the double today. I felt good and strong but realistically I wouldn't have enough time to get my errands done, get back home, eat, hydrate and be back out the door by 1pm. I had a busy day yesterday so had to take this afternoon to catch up on all those boring jobs that have mounted up over the past few weeks. Real world life can only be put on hold for so long.

A couple of people have asked me about the Himalayan salt I'm always talking about. Here's a picture. It is expensive ($11.95 for 500g) compared to table salt but it is packed full of 84 trace minerals that is bleached out of normal salt. I've had this box since August but using just a pinch every day it lasts a long time. Not everyone likes the taste but you get used to it and I actually crave it if I forget to put it in. I put a pinch or a third of a teaspoon in 750ml of water. I have it in my class water and it tastes so good at the end when you need some salty goodness. You can add fresh lime and honey to the mix to make a natural electrolyte. But I'd keep this outside the room as there is nothing nice about a bottle of warm, salty, lime mush. Limes are very detoxing and the sugar in the honey stimulates digestion and replaces lost sugars. I get this from any Health Kick store, there's loads round the city and one in Lakeside Joondalup.

Only three more classes to go now. I have a long 33 hour mini break now between classes as I'm going to the 6pm tomorrow. That means I miss Karen's first 5:45am and I won't see the morning crew but that's okay we'll all be reunited on Tuesday morning!


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