Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2

It's day two, 6pm Wednesday class. All I can say is it was AWESOME!! I actually felt like jumping up and down cheering once I left the room! My day didn't start so good though.... 

I was a bit cranky at work today, I've had a lot on so when 4:30pm rolled round I was eager to get out and get to yoga. I knew there would be some happy smiley faces at the studio and I was right, I love our BYJ community. It instantly lifted my spirits. Then I very nearly made a yoga etiquette faux pas for which I was warned off by a complete stranger. This put me on edge again and I moaned about it to my friend. Now looking back the other person was only being a good yogi, they didn't know I knew the rules and knew I shouldn't really commit the crime. So I shall wipe the slate clean here, I apologize for getting cranky and let it go.

Anyway enough about that and back to the class. We had a new guest instructor tonight, Shawn from Santa Cruz, California. He taught with high spirits, a few informative demo's (which allowed for some extra recovery time!) and I really felt the dialogue was speaking just to me. Every correction I listened to and replied with my movements. I felt strong, my muscles stretching further and working harder. I stayed present and even burst into a huge smile when suddenly the second set of half tortoise came out in Spanish!!! (BYJ can we have a Spanglish class next Wednesday please?!!) 

I don't often do evening classes because of logistics but when I do it always surprises me how much more flexible I am. I back bended like a demon and very nearly touched my head to the floor. I know I ate well today and guzzled down nearly four litres of water which always helps. I came home on a high and to a welcome treat. My man had cleaned the house for me, bathroom and all. He had even cooked me a veggie stir fry which was ready when I got out the shower. How awesome is that. Day two, awesome, enough said. 

I'd better get to bed as I have 5:45am class tomorrow, less than 12 hours since I left the hot box but that's the way it rolls during these crazy challenges.

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