Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Dialogue

The essence of Bikram yoga, and what makes it different from other forms of yoga, is the dialogue. Each class is the same 26 postures and two breathing exercises that follow a set dialogue, in a set order. The instructor does not demonstrate the postures they guide students through verbally, using the dialogue. 

One of the main tasks in teacher training is obviously we have to learn the dialogue and present it to the training staff. How can we expect to be Bikram Yoga teachers if we don't know the dialogue. It's a given, we must get down with it. Some people will find this harder than others, like some with struggle with practice more than others. We are all different & we must not compare or judge. We are all equals in this game with different strengths or weaknesses. We are unique or life would be pretty boring.

Being a girly swat as I am I couldn't wait to get learning it. I am lucky to be academically minded which has helped me so far with studying the vast expanse that is the dialogue. For training we have to know if verbatim, word for word as it is written. Yes the grammar is a little out there, sometimes it doesn't make sense to say the words in the order it is presented but it works for the class. 

Myself and my BYJ training buddy have been having weekly posture clinics with our director as well as having the opportunity to present certain postures to real life classes. This has been invaluable experience.

Yesterday we ran through everything we'd learned so far. I have exceeded my goal of learning all the standing series before the 15th September. Well, I still have to learn tree and toe stand but with 6 and a half weeks to go I think I should have that down. My new target is to get some of the floor learned too. It was great to run straight through from Half Moon to Standing Separate leg Head to Knee pose. I was a little scratchy at the latter as I'd only spent five hours on it. 

My main feedback was to slow down. I am pretty comfortable with the warm up series so was belting it out at top speed. Saying it too fast will have the students in a flap and they'll feel rushed if the words are flying out at them too quickly. As we are not concerned about timing the class yet we need not to stress. We need  to know this verbatim and present with passion and character. Timing is something we will learn on our return under the guidance of our mentors. On the job learning.

It's so exciting! I'm really pleased with my efforts. I just hope everything I've learned doesn't fall out my head come September.

Yoga Stoned

Reaching the half way point of the challenge has been awesome. With the crazy emotional week behind me and some positive light shining my way I had an awesome run of great classes this past week. 

We waved goodbye to instructor Adam last Sunday. His class was hilarious. He was thinking of introducing one of those cattle prod zappers to class so he could zap people who don't turn their toes back in sit up. He even asked me how his dialogue was as he walked by me in Triangle on his way back from the air con switch. Funny, I couldn't comment as he'd just gone past the paragraph's I knew. 

I finished that class totally yoga stoned. That glorious feeling of pure bliss you get when you've worked hard and have totally in the zone. Your mind doesn't work at all and this is the time I usually forget things, usually my stuff at the studio. 

Monday I was stoned again. Had a great evening class at 6pm. I matted down in the hot area. Front row, left, by the podium, right under the hot air vent. I was blasted with super hot air for the most part of the standing series. The class was busy, lots of newbies and I delivered a pretty good set of Awkward. No evil stares this time or maybe there were but I didn't notice. I didn't rush, I didn't yell, it felt great. 

People were dropping like flies in the class. The energy was scattered and the newbies struggled and faffed which is totally understandable. If that class was my first I would have been laying out too. Strong students were down. I have no idea what happened to me but I flew through. Usually when the energy is out it gets to me but I must have been in the right place. I came out feeling awesome, stoned again but not even craving water.

I had another flying class on Tuesday. I went to the Scarborough studio so manged to get one more class with Adam in. I'm getting used to practicing at 7pm now. I get home really late but it's nice as I don't have to rush from work and take my time. Stoned again three days in a row. 

It all caught up on me on Wednesday. It felt like I had a hangover. Probably a little dehydration as getting home at 9:30pm didn't give me much time to drink lots of water. A week of evening/afternoon practice got me out of a rut. I hate not being home at night but from my practice point of view it's much better for me. 

I'm on an unofficial avoidance plan too. I won't go into it too much but I've decided to distance myself from certain negative energies that have been confusing and conflicting. It's been two weeks now since I encountered some and not been in contact with the source since. I didn't start out trying to dodge, it just happened and I'm happier for it. 

Positive thoughts, good times and staying true to myself is the mantra for the next few weeks.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Half Way - Day 30

I realised yesterday I'd hot the half way point in the 60 day challenge. I know I'm not really counting the days but it felt good to be at this point. I just need to do the same again. After a rocky week last week with loads of conflicting advice and thoughts flying round my head I've chilled out a bit. My mind is still very much on LA and preparing myself the best I can.

Had some great advice off a senior instructor last night not to kill myself in the first few weeks of training. Go at half pace. Don't be lazy but back off. If I fly in there all guns blazing and pushing hard I'll either A) get injured or B) end up in emergency care C) not make it to the end of the 9 weeks.

There's been discussion on the TT FB group page about  being rock stars at Training and doing every single posture in every single class. Good on those people for their positive determination and enthusiasm. Realistically after my rough UK classes where I was out my comfort zone, jet lag, nutrition all out of wack and dehydrated, I can safely say I won't be a rock staring it. Well at least not for the first weeks till I'm settled into  the journey. 

I will set no expectations now, if I rock, I rock, if I end up on my knees slowly melting into my mat so be it. I'll try to keep to my no drinking as I know it will make me sick in class but again if needs be I'll drink. I am not gonna set myself any crazy goals just that I will make it through the whole 9 weeks. Some way or other I will. I'll keep my head down, get on with it and let it happen.

Move over Edward & Bella

It's not often I throw in a non yoga related post. Most posts here, nearly all have some link back to Bikram. I decided to show you all that I do have a life outside the hot room and other interests. I like super natural TV shows, True Blood, GHI, Being Human, Doctor Who to name a few. Movies not so much as they scare me, not good for the night terrors. I'm not very good at following TV series coz of my hectic schedule, I get sad if I get into something then miss a few episodes and loose the plot.

This month I am making a commitment. I will watch every Wednesday night the awesome season two of 'Spirited.' I dipped in and out of season one, for the above reasons. I had to do a major catch up & watch the whole season again online. I'm even thinking of upgrading my set top box to IQ so I can record such shows for when I get some quiet time.

Spirited is an Australian show exclusive to 'W' and a Foxtel original. The story is based around newly separated dentist and 'social retard' (not my phrase this what the official website calls her) Suzy Darling played by the amazing Claudia Karvan. She is haunted by the ghost of fictional 80's punk rock legend Henry Mallet, played by Brit comedian Matt King. King is awesome in the role as he seems to always play some sort of dry, self absorbed crack head. He has this 'look' he gives to Suzy on occasions that can melt the heart of any ice maiden. Not your typical pretty boy pin up (boys the wrong word, man, as he's 43!) but he may go on the top of my 'weird crushes' list for now!

Suzy and Henry are the new Edward and Bella to me. Move over angst teenages and their vampire beau's. Suzy & Henry's passion is electric. Totally bonkers too as they can't actually touch each other coz he's a ghost. It's a great show, full of drama, hilarious one liners, great characters and an F bomb every five seconds from Henry.

If you have Foxtel see it on W2 7:30pm tonight!!!

Another favourite of mine is the BBC drama Being Human. A ghost, a vampire and a werewolf share a house in Bristol and try to live as humans. Super cast and another hotty in the form of Aidan Turner - Irish Vampire Mitchell. I've not seen Season 3 yet, went to buy the DVD last week and was sold out.

Spirited, 7:30pm Wednesday W channel

Being Human UK

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I seem to be on a blog roll this week. Maybe I have a lot of venting to do. I'm the sort of person who takes things to heart and can be known to dwell on stuff. After my post about Tuesday's pep talk I've been thinking more deeply about what I wrote. I still stand by my view of 'leading by example' but I have come to realise this can be interpreted in another way too. Rather than getting hung up on just trying to be the best I can and setting a good example to other students, ie. trying to be perfect all the time. I've come to the conclusion I can still set a good example without trying to be 'perfect.' After all perfection is the end of the road, no one can grow anymore once they reach it.

My future TT roomie and I have been chatting a lot for the past few months via email. It still amazes me how much we have in common, besides yoga & food, yet we have never met and live on different continents. I received a great mail from her today on the above subject. This is one of the reasons I have changed my direction of thinking. I now can take on board it is okay to have a bad yoga day, sit down, take it easy. I knew this already but lost focus. This is being honest about your practice. I'm not saying I'm gonna start hitting the floor when it all gets too hard, I've never done that, I've always tried but I have sat down when needs be. 

I was having a rough day in practice on Tuesday. I wasn't myself inside or out. Just happened this was picked up on but not explained. Funny how you get noticed when you don't want to be!

To set a good example I feel now is to show you are human and real too. Yes, set a good example by trying every posture correctly but now I realise if I'm seen to have hard day that is okay. Maybe this will reassure students that it's cool, we all have off days. We are not some goddesses that are indestructible, we all have off days. Maybe it's a good example to just be there in class trying.

Another friend I spoke to about this also suggested I don't kill myself before training. Yes try hard and don't get sloppy but save the killing till Bikram is actually there in front of me. I can't risk burning out or getting injured now. I must remember to stay honest and I'm allowed a bad day now and again. 

It's so awesome that a lot of the trainee's are bonding through social networking. A few have voiced their fears and frustrations to realise there are others out there with the same fears and worries. We are all facing the same challenge and have been there for each other already to give advice and share experiences. I can't wait to get there and meet them all. I have a good feeling we'll have a strong group and not have too many 'yahoo's' who might not be 100% committed to the cause. I'm clinging to the hope if we are all good little yogis, do our homework, listen attentively, practice honestly without drama, stay up till 4am without whining we might get not so many late nights or should I say early morning finishes...I can dream can't I?

Friday, July 22, 2011

3rd time up

Last night saw my third appearance on the podium for some pre TT practice. I delivered the full half moon series again. Talking to other future trainees not everyone gets the opportunity to get up in front a real live class to practice their delivery. I think somewhere in the Bikram book of rules there might be something that says only qualified teachers can teach. We only get to practice teach in this way under the strict supervision of our studio director. No way would we be let loose if she didn't think we were up to it and in danger of putting her students/studio in danger. 

I'd not told anyone that I was up last night, apart from Courtney who read about it here!! I was so touched by this as she decided to come along to the class after not practicing for a while. *thank u* Slowly more and more of my friends and fellow regulars started trickling into the studio last night. I did well not to say anything. In the end there was about ten people I knew in attendance. 

It was very reassuring and I think it helped me a lot. I wasn't sure whether if it was a good move to focus on my friends or not. Turned out to be the best option as they were all concentrating on themselves in the mirror like good little yogis. Not looking at me. When I did look at the other students I must have had eye contact with at least three or four people. One lady was actually stuffing up her alignment so she could have a squiz at me up there! Look in the mirror people, I'm not doing anything exciting up there! It was hard not to slip an extra line in to say so but no I had to stay verbatim. I saw a few corrections too that needed attention but that is not my place, I am not a teacher yet so I cannot correct.

I've been practicing speaking from my stomach rather than my throat. I was better than last week and I didn't yell but there's a lot of room for improvement there. I felt a lot more relaxed last night and my thighs weren't wobbling with nerves. I may have even waved my arms round a bit on the uplifting sections.

I had some lovely feedback after class too. Such great support and community spirit we have going on at BYJ. A few people have commented on my accent which is cool. Despite pledging my allegiance to Australia last year I am proud to have held onto my British accent. I think I am still maybe the first British accent to grace our studio? Kinda cool being unique. 

Onwards and upwards. My dialogue study sped up this week. I've down with Standing Separate leg stretching and am half way through Triangle. I envisaged needing two weeks on this at my usual study pace but its going in very well. I think I have a lot of it it from just hearing it in class. I'm well on track for getting all the Standing Series in by September. May well get half of the Spine strengthening series down too...maybe?!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I suddenly realised today something weird was going on. I couldn't decide what to get for lunch. I usually pack my lunch everyday to save money, time etc. Last night as I had my dinner cooked for me I thought I thought it polite to leave the leftovers for the chef. This is what I do when I cook, I get first dibs of the leftovers. 

Buying lunch is such a treat, such a variety of foods out there in the city for my consumption. I mostly end up eating Sumo Salad as they have a great variety and do a rewards scheme. Free salad when you've bought ten. Today I did not know what I wanted. I craved nothing. I fancied nothing. I wondered into and out of a few places. Sushi I love but it's not loving me at the moment. I was at a loss. 

It's weird I love food. It's been the one of the main topics of conversation between my future TT roomie and I for a while. It's fantastic I'm rooming with a fellow foodie not some finicky eater who can live off fresh air and water. I like to eat, cut the drama out of it. 

When on a challenge and what I've heard from past trainee's at training you should eat what you crave as it means your lacking in something that you need. I know some people might use this as an opportunity to stuff their face with crap. I am guilty in the past of doing this. "I'm on a challenge, let me eat crap, I am craving it" or maybe I just want it. There is a line I feel, which some pesky marshmallows jumped over this arvo. It's just strange this challenge has effected my appetite all of a sudden. I'm hungry for sure but don't know what I would like to eat.....

Doing a double

After I vented yesterday all "wow is me" I did feel guilty to come home (at 9:30pm mind) to a clean, sparkly kitchen and food in the oven. If this happened every night it would be bliss but I will count my blessings it happened this one time. 

The reason I was home late was because I decided to bust out a double aka to non yogi's I did two classes in one day. This is what training will be like, two classes a day. I'm a stickler for rules and regulations and I believe a challenge should be kept within the rules or where's the challenge. The rules at my studio say you can have one official day off a week and one more day if you do a double. This will only be tolerated once a week. In an attempt to keep the peace in my life & not burn out I decided I needed to do this double so I can take Friday off from yoga as well as today, Wednesday. 

Here's why. I like taking Wednesday's off, it's hump day in the working week. There is no 5:45am, if I did the 6pm I'd have to leave work early which is okay now & again I just don't like doing it every week. Easy choice. I will now take Friday off as well because I'm up on the podium tomorrow at the 5:30pm to deliver half moon again. I will have to leave work 45 minutes early but that's cool, I'll go in early instead. Practicing in the evening is so much better for my body. I'm more more flexible, the room is the temperature is should be and there's a lot more people. 

The only problem with evening practice is I get home late and then having to get up for the 5:45am the next morning is brutal. Last night was a breeze, I got home late but I knew I could stay in bed till 6am, not drag myself up at 4:30am. But why not just practice every day in the evening then I don't have to get up early...that would mean I'm never home & wouldn't see The Man. Also if the unexpected happens at work or on the road/trains I'm at a higher risk of missing the evening class. A morning class there's less risk and I have it done and dusted for the day.

After the ropey morning class where I feel I was slacking off & not paying attention to detail, I had a GREAT 7pm at the Scarborough studio. It was packed. Mat to mat, drippy, juicy and lots of fun. Canadian Adam was teaching. Some people don't like his style but I think it's kooky. He tells bizarre, usually yoga related stories here & there & cracks out some funny comments. One funny comment I got was, "turn your toes back, turn your toes back, I know you can turn your toes back, save the curled toes for the bedroom." Not in everyone's humor tastes but it made me laugh & consequently fall out of SH2K. It lightens the mood to have jolly classes now and again.

Just a quick side note for future TT's, check out this awesome post by new TT graduate Danielle. Lot's of helpful hints & tips on what to pack, what's useful and a little of what to expect from the yoga bubble.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A little release

Even though I said I wasn't going to count the days in this challenge, I am at day 23. This is the point in the 30 day challenge when I started breaking down physically and mentally. Last week my life outside the yoga room was getting to me emtionally. My house was a hideous sh*t pit, I felt I was getting no help and was being bitched at for falling asleep the moment my arse hit the couch at 8pm. Funny that as I get up at 4:30am, do yoga, have an hour and 20 mins commute both ways to work, hold down a full time creative job that is demanding, cook dinner every night, clean up nearly every night, launder stinky sweaty clothes every night and unpack/repack kit bags every night. Am I moaning? Yes, I need a release. Done, I can move on.

I live this crazy schedule because I can and I want to. Some people might even envy me, others, mostly think I'm totally bonkers! I know this isn't forever. This is just part of my life right now. The challenge has to be done, for me it is the ultimate preparation for TT. I can discover things now that might go wrong with my body and find a cure for it or a prevention. I'm booked in for a well over due deep tissue massage today as my shoulders are so frozen I have to kick the penguins off every morning. I'm so looking forward to leaving the real world behind for nine weeks. It'll make me appreciate it so much more when I leave the yoga bubble.

My body is screaming at me for neglecting it. Yoga is healing but it stills needs complimenting with other toxin releases activities such as massage. I was told to push my hips more forward in Camel today. I thought I hips feel like they are set in concrete. I've let my form slip in a few postures because I hurt, I'm a little tired and emotionally challenged. 

An instructor who I've not had for a few months was back today. We've both been away so our paths haven't crossed. I was called out a few well needed times. Picking out the small details I was slacking on. I was given a very helpful pep talk afterwards. I can't be slacking off, even though I'm tired and using the challenge as an excuse for backing off. It will be ten times as bad in September. (Rachel in Leicester pointed this out too) I was told I need to go into every class & imagine Bikram is teaching. He won't take any bullsh*t and in his not so polite manner will tell you so. It will reflect badly on my home studio if I'm asked where I come from and why haven't they taught me to do this correctly.

I am comfortable with my instructors as they are with me. Only the other day a friend and I were saying how we often get over looked in class because the newbies need attention. Very true, I don't want to deny newbies the attention they deserve. Us regulars don't want attention all the time but if we are left to our own devices we'll slip into bad habits. Which I have. We're getting a load of support and coaching for dialogue but I need it in the room too. A matter to be discussed. My practice is no way as strong as my training buddy but on the up side I've been told my dialogue, teaching technique and voice are strong. Training is as much about practice as it is learning to be a teacher. 

I'm an advocate for "lead by example" not a "do as I say, not as I do" person. If I want my future students to do well in their practice, I need to do well in my practice too. I always look up to the instructors who practice in class with me, I must be on form to do the same. I would hate for a student to think 'why should I listen to her bossing me about when I saw her in class the other day and she can't do it herself!" Ekk am I getting paranoid now?!

As I've said this challenge is supposed to get me in the zone, if I'm slacking off it's not fulfilling it's purpose. I need to re-focus and push through those mental and physical road blocks that we all know like to pop up from time to time.  

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Up on stage again

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to get on the podium again this week. I had the heads up this time so I could prepare and learn the left hand side. For those who don't know, for training we only present one side and one set of each posture. Most postures are the same for both sides but there are a few that have separate dialogue for the left.

This week I presented the whole of the Half Moon series to the 6pm Monday class. It was great that there were a few students who were in my Awkward class in again that night. 

The strangest thing that I feel I did was change my practice outfit. For the evenings that are usually hot and steamy, just the way they should be, I always wear shorts. For some reason as I knew I'd be up on the podium I wore my lightest pair of capris. I just felt I would feel more professional in capris & I'm still paranoid about my legs. I know, I know the student's should not be looking at me but boy they do. I can't believe how many people made eye contact with me. Even after the instruction to them said "concentrate one point in the mirror."

It went well, I'm comfortable with these three postures. I was still nervous. I could feel my thighs shaking! I totally mixed up my lefts and rights on the left side but kept going. My other issue was I was all but yelling at the end. I bet they were locking their knees down in Perth City the way I was screaming that bit out. The more I got into it, the louder I got. I need to learn to tone it down and pay more attention to my breath. I'm speaking a lot from the throat and not from my stomach. I'll end up with a ripper sore throat if I don't learn to do this. It'll also make the projection easier without the need to yell. 

Most of my 'out loud' practice is done in the car where I'm sitting down. I need to get more standing up out loud practice in. I've looked into some speech therapy classes and courses. Another expense I could do without right now but essential again. Just like the first aid course I've booked. We are supposed to get this in with training but the spring TT's said it didn't happen so I'm just doing it myself.

Yesterday's posture clinic went well. We had to present out in reception whilst a class was on. This helped me bring my volume down but this is where Jo picked up I wasn't breathing correctly. My throat was tight and sore as I tried to speak in hushed tones. Got to think pranayama. We're constantly telling the students to breath, us instructors need to remember to breath too and learn how to do it correctly.


Closing the circle

Everything is speeding up now. It's now only nine weeks till I'll be in LA for TT. Fully installed in the LAX Radisson, getting ready to meet my roomie, meeting everyone else in the possible 400+ people with whom I'll be training with. 

I was very honored last Saturday to be invited to freshly graduated instructor Hannah's first class back at her home studio. There were five of us in attendance. Two instructors, two trainee's and a future possible trainee. It was so exciting to be part of the this class. I've heard after you finish training you have to try and teach a class to complete the circle. 

I had a great class, it was what I could describe as a floaty class. I just drifted from posture to posture, listened to the instruction and was totally in the zone. Once we got past SH2K I chilled out more as I stopped trying to 'say the dialogue' in my head. Hannah's voice and presentation is very encouraging but without being mean or too loud (like my own!!!). It was relaxing to just be there and go with it. Class finished bang on 92 minutes. It seemed the fly by. When we got to Rabbit I was like, 'wow that went fast' but without thinking we hadn't held the postures long enough. I certainly had worked hard.

It was funny at 'party time' as no one took a drink. We just all stood there, waiting to move on. I'm so impress with my training buddy Jas who doesn't even take a bottle in the room. I always have one there but very rarely touch it till after class.

It's awesome to think this will be us in five months time, closing our circle and carrying on our journey as real life instructors. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What day is it?

Some one asked me the other day how my 60 day challenge was going and what day I was on. I had no idea. I know I was somewhere in week two. This challenge is different from the 30 day, obviously it's double the time but also we get one official rest day. I'm not counting the days this time, I'm just going with it. Maybe when I get to day 50 I'll start a count down. As I write this I am on day 13.

In respects to how I'm feeling, I'm feeling good. I have been practicing five classes a week for the best part of this year. One more class isn't too much of a difference right now. The 5:45am classes are harder this time of year to get up for. It's been really cold here, I was even scraping ice from my windscreen at 5am in the pitch black on Monday. Why!! I hear you yell, because I can, I want to & I love my yoga practice. It takes a lot longer to warm up in class too. The class numbers have dropped off too compared to last year, everyone wants to stay in their nice warm beds!!

I finally got my timing right this week to ask my boss for a leave of absence so I can attend training. I didn't want to give too much notice but not too little. Ten weeks it was! I was going to broach the subject last week but the timing wasn't good for a number of reasons. I set my intention, presented a very nice bottle of wine and went for it. The response to the wine was, "is this a bribe," I answered honestly, "yes." It worked, my boss was so cool because I was honest, open and made it very clear I didn't want to leave forever & if he'd have me back after training I was very willing. I had a plan A and plan B already in place for who was going to cover my work whilst I was gone. Going with a solution not a problem is always the best way. Plan A came through, my cover was all sorted within a few hours. Wooo hoo!

Such a relief. I do love my job and I work for good people. I've worked for not so good people in the past so I realise how blessed I am to have this. For now I need to keep working a full time job until I have paid off the training fees and saved up a nest egg again. It also takes the pressure off training. I don't want a looming cloud over me whilst I'm there thinking I have to pull this off, I need to be able to teach as soon as I get back or else I won't be able to pay the bills. Now I can chill. If I need a few weeks or so doing mock classes to find my feet I can as I'll still have money coming in. This may sound sensible and material but I'm not some young whipper snapper that can fall back on their parents for financial support. (my parents live on the other side of the world anyway!) This is my new adventure I need to take responsibility, which includes finances. I'm lucky that I will soon be getting paid to do TWO things I love.

With this load off my mind something must have cleared. I've been having a struggling battle with Standing Head to knee pose. At the start of the year I was getting there, I was kicking out and starting to round down so my head down was on my knee. Then I went majorly backwards. A few instructors have been getting after me, telling me I have to do it sometimes and if I fall out I have to get back in straight away. Friday morning after the big revelation I did it. Tight, morning hamstrings and all. My head touched my knee and I held it. Not very long but best attempt this year!!!!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue!

Today was our second dialogue class. I thoroughly enjoyed last weeks session. Probably I was a total girly swot and had done my home work. I was prepared and ready to go. Same this week. I got down the rest of Eagle and Standing Head to Knee. SH2K wasn't as flowing and I did slow down in my delivery so I could think.

I loved it though! I delivered from the start right through to SH2K. We were lucky to have three instructors there today to offer feedback. I had Meagan in stitches when I started Half Moon as my nervous 'telephone' voice came out. Or as Jules said the 'actor voice.' Once I settled down and chilled out I was more me. I have to remember I am not playing a part, I am me, teaching yoga. My feedback was to watch this fake voice thing as I will be called out for it but it did disappear toward the end. 

Apart from a few jumbles of words in the wrong order and a missed word here and there I feel I did well. SH2K still needs a bit more practice. My training buddy also did good. I've had a head start so am more ahead but this doesn't matter. I can understand it must be hard in this situation if one person is flying ahead. I'm being very encouraging and supportive as she has been getting nervous. After class we were running through Awkward whilst we showered! We still have 11 weeks to get this down. Some people go not even knowing Half Moon. As Jules told us back in 2003 when she did TT they weren't allowed to learn it before hand & she learned the lot in nine weeks so it is possible. I personally need my sleep so that is why I am cramming as much as possible now to make the experience less stressful. Also as I've said many a times I am a girly swot, type A personality, I don't do things unless I can give 100% and do it was well as I can. No half arsed efforts from me.

I'm onto the big three now, Standing Bow Pulling, Balancing Stick and Triangle. We probably won't be doing dialogue next week as we are off to the Scarborough Beach studio for freshly graduated instructor Hannah's 1st class in Australia. She's already taught a class in Mexico so it won't be her very 1st class. I'm looking forward to this and talking to her about her LA experience. It also gives me more time on Standing Bow as it's a long one.

Congratulations to the 30 Day Challengers at Bikram Yoga Leicester. I hope Friday's classes with Rachel and her birthday gift to her students of "Death by Yoga Truck" was enjoyable.

Week One done!

I've been getting a bit slack with writing recently & I have a lot to write about too. It's been all go this week, cramming dialogue in and starting the 60 day challenge. I finished day six today, aka week one, eight more to go. Will this be what TT is like counting down the days/weeks. I'm sure we will be. My official one day off tomorrow!!

The highlight of this week was I got to teach the whole of Utkatasana/Awkward pose to a real live class of 20 students on Wednesday night. I had no idea this would happen which might have been a good thing. Jo was teaching so that is how it was made possible. I'd heard this sometimes happens to trainees but as we passed over the half moon series I thought I was safe. Ah ha, no I was invited up there to do the second set of Awkward. No hesitation I jumped right on up and gave it my best shot.

It was weird having so many people there in front of me and actually looking at me. Hey you should be looking in the mirror! I was nervous, I may well have forgotten to breath myself but I did it. I was aware I was twisting my fingers over each other as I was speaking, nervous habit.  I got them through, in and out, up and down. I did stumble on part two, I could see people shaking, falling out and staring at me with evil looks. Those who aren't familiar with part 2, it's a killer, your balancing on your toes like a ballerina, whilst sitting on a chair which isn't there. I personally struggle with this too, it kills my knees and thighs but it will make me stronger and hopefully develop killer abs and shapely legs. 

Awkward pose part 2
I wasn't as flowing in my delivery as I was in practice which I did get down on myself for. It's hard when you know you know it and have practiced it verbatim but then fluff it up when it's time to perform. Jo told me I did great and even got some nice feedback from the students. One asked if I'd had military training as I sounded like a Sergeant Major! I may  be developing a reputation for being a hard ass already.

It was such a rush though to be up there and doing dialogue to real students. Very exciting. When I got back down to carry on practicing I was smiling a lot which was followed by total jelly legs in Standing Head to Knee. 

A good week all round. I even made it to two evening classes which were steamy and drippy. Friday night's class was hot, hot, hot just what I needed but I was too near the cold air vent & I kept getting blasted. I know we all love a bit of cool air but I am really trying hard to get away from being attached to this luxury as there won't be any air con in LA. It will be hotter, humid, sticky, probably stinky mat melting heat.