Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Doing a double

After I vented yesterday all "wow is me" I did feel guilty to come home (at 9:30pm mind) to a clean, sparkly kitchen and food in the oven. If this happened every night it would be bliss but I will count my blessings it happened this one time. 

The reason I was home late was because I decided to bust out a double aka to non yogi's I did two classes in one day. This is what training will be like, two classes a day. I'm a stickler for rules and regulations and I believe a challenge should be kept within the rules or where's the challenge. The rules at my studio say you can have one official day off a week and one more day if you do a double. This will only be tolerated once a week. In an attempt to keep the peace in my life & not burn out I decided I needed to do this double so I can take Friday off from yoga as well as today, Wednesday. 

Here's why. I like taking Wednesday's off, it's hump day in the working week. There is no 5:45am, if I did the 6pm I'd have to leave work early which is okay now & again I just don't like doing it every week. Easy choice. I will now take Friday off as well because I'm up on the podium tomorrow at the 5:30pm to deliver half moon again. I will have to leave work 45 minutes early but that's cool, I'll go in early instead. Practicing in the evening is so much better for my body. I'm more more flexible, the room is the temperature is should be and there's a lot more people. 

The only problem with evening practice is I get home late and then having to get up for the 5:45am the next morning is brutal. Last night was a breeze, I got home late but I knew I could stay in bed till 6am, not drag myself up at 4:30am. But why not just practice every day in the evening then I don't have to get up early...that would mean I'm never home & wouldn't see The Man. Also if the unexpected happens at work or on the road/trains I'm at a higher risk of missing the evening class. A morning class there's less risk and I have it done and dusted for the day.

After the ropey morning class where I feel I was slacking off & not paying attention to detail, I had a GREAT 7pm at the Scarborough studio. It was packed. Mat to mat, drippy, juicy and lots of fun. Canadian Adam was teaching. Some people don't like his style but I think it's kooky. He tells bizarre, usually yoga related stories here & there & cracks out some funny comments. One funny comment I got was, "turn your toes back, turn your toes back, I know you can turn your toes back, save the curled toes for the bedroom." Not in everyone's humor tastes but it made me laugh & consequently fall out of SH2K. It lightens the mood to have jolly classes now and again.

Just a quick side note for future TT's, check out this awesome post by new TT graduate Danielle. Lot's of helpful hints & tips on what to pack, what's useful and a little of what to expect from the yoga bubble.

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  1. i love a good joke in the hot room. and usually im the only one laughing out loud in my weirdo laugh. i love it!