Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue!

Today was our second dialogue class. I thoroughly enjoyed last weeks session. Probably I was a total girly swot and had done my home work. I was prepared and ready to go. Same this week. I got down the rest of Eagle and Standing Head to Knee. SH2K wasn't as flowing and I did slow down in my delivery so I could think.

I loved it though! I delivered from the start right through to SH2K. We were lucky to have three instructors there today to offer feedback. I had Meagan in stitches when I started Half Moon as my nervous 'telephone' voice came out. Or as Jules said the 'actor voice.' Once I settled down and chilled out I was more me. I have to remember I am not playing a part, I am me, teaching yoga. My feedback was to watch this fake voice thing as I will be called out for it but it did disappear toward the end. 

Apart from a few jumbles of words in the wrong order and a missed word here and there I feel I did well. SH2K still needs a bit more practice. My training buddy also did good. I've had a head start so am more ahead but this doesn't matter. I can understand it must be hard in this situation if one person is flying ahead. I'm being very encouraging and supportive as she has been getting nervous. After class we were running through Awkward whilst we showered! We still have 11 weeks to get this down. Some people go not even knowing Half Moon. As Jules told us back in 2003 when she did TT they weren't allowed to learn it before hand & she learned the lot in nine weeks so it is possible. I personally need my sleep so that is why I am cramming as much as possible now to make the experience less stressful. Also as I've said many a times I am a girly swot, type A personality, I don't do things unless I can give 100% and do it was well as I can. No half arsed efforts from me.

I'm onto the big three now, Standing Bow Pulling, Balancing Stick and Triangle. We probably won't be doing dialogue next week as we are off to the Scarborough Beach studio for freshly graduated instructor Hannah's 1st class in Australia. She's already taught a class in Mexico so it won't be her very 1st class. I'm looking forward to this and talking to her about her LA experience. It also gives me more time on Standing Bow as it's a long one.

Congratulations to the 30 Day Challengers at Bikram Yoga Leicester. I hope Friday's classes with Rachel and her birthday gift to her students of "Death by Yoga Truck" was enjoyable.

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