Saturday, July 23, 2011


I seem to be on a blog roll this week. Maybe I have a lot of venting to do. I'm the sort of person who takes things to heart and can be known to dwell on stuff. After my post about Tuesday's pep talk I've been thinking more deeply about what I wrote. I still stand by my view of 'leading by example' but I have come to realise this can be interpreted in another way too. Rather than getting hung up on just trying to be the best I can and setting a good example to other students, ie. trying to be perfect all the time. I've come to the conclusion I can still set a good example without trying to be 'perfect.' After all perfection is the end of the road, no one can grow anymore once they reach it.

My future TT roomie and I have been chatting a lot for the past few months via email. It still amazes me how much we have in common, besides yoga & food, yet we have never met and live on different continents. I received a great mail from her today on the above subject. This is one of the reasons I have changed my direction of thinking. I now can take on board it is okay to have a bad yoga day, sit down, take it easy. I knew this already but lost focus. This is being honest about your practice. I'm not saying I'm gonna start hitting the floor when it all gets too hard, I've never done that, I've always tried but I have sat down when needs be. 

I was having a rough day in practice on Tuesday. I wasn't myself inside or out. Just happened this was picked up on but not explained. Funny how you get noticed when you don't want to be!

To set a good example I feel now is to show you are human and real too. Yes, set a good example by trying every posture correctly but now I realise if I'm seen to have hard day that is okay. Maybe this will reassure students that it's cool, we all have off days. We are not some goddesses that are indestructible, we all have off days. Maybe it's a good example to just be there in class trying.

Another friend I spoke to about this also suggested I don't kill myself before training. Yes try hard and don't get sloppy but save the killing till Bikram is actually there in front of me. I can't risk burning out or getting injured now. I must remember to stay honest and I'm allowed a bad day now and again. 

It's so awesome that a lot of the trainee's are bonding through social networking. A few have voiced their fears and frustrations to realise there are others out there with the same fears and worries. We are all facing the same challenge and have been there for each other already to give advice and share experiences. I can't wait to get there and meet them all. I have a good feeling we'll have a strong group and not have too many 'yahoo's' who might not be 100% committed to the cause. I'm clinging to the hope if we are all good little yogis, do our homework, listen attentively, practice honestly without drama, stay up till 4am without whining we might get not so many late nights or should I say early morning finishes...I can dream can't I?


  1. Quite a roller coaster for you this week, judging by what you've written in the past days... no one can be perfect, but everyone can set an example of "trying the right way..." Your writing is very good... straight from the heart! Looking forward to reading your missives from TT. Take Care!

  2. Hi Mark, yes it was quite a week. These challenges are so much about the mental/emotional as well as the physical. So many different opinions/advice flying round it's hard to decide which to take. Thanks for reading!!