Friday, July 22, 2011

3rd time up

Last night saw my third appearance on the podium for some pre TT practice. I delivered the full half moon series again. Talking to other future trainees not everyone gets the opportunity to get up in front a real live class to practice their delivery. I think somewhere in the Bikram book of rules there might be something that says only qualified teachers can teach. We only get to practice teach in this way under the strict supervision of our studio director. No way would we be let loose if she didn't think we were up to it and in danger of putting her students/studio in danger. 

I'd not told anyone that I was up last night, apart from Courtney who read about it here!! I was so touched by this as she decided to come along to the class after not practicing for a while. *thank u* Slowly more and more of my friends and fellow regulars started trickling into the studio last night. I did well not to say anything. In the end there was about ten people I knew in attendance. 

It was very reassuring and I think it helped me a lot. I wasn't sure whether if it was a good move to focus on my friends or not. Turned out to be the best option as they were all concentrating on themselves in the mirror like good little yogis. Not looking at me. When I did look at the other students I must have had eye contact with at least three or four people. One lady was actually stuffing up her alignment so she could have a squiz at me up there! Look in the mirror people, I'm not doing anything exciting up there! It was hard not to slip an extra line in to say so but no I had to stay verbatim. I saw a few corrections too that needed attention but that is not my place, I am not a teacher yet so I cannot correct.

I've been practicing speaking from my stomach rather than my throat. I was better than last week and I didn't yell but there's a lot of room for improvement there. I felt a lot more relaxed last night and my thighs weren't wobbling with nerves. I may have even waved my arms round a bit on the uplifting sections.

I had some lovely feedback after class too. Such great support and community spirit we have going on at BYJ. A few people have commented on my accent which is cool. Despite pledging my allegiance to Australia last year I am proud to have held onto my British accent. I think I am still maybe the first British accent to grace our studio? Kinda cool being unique. 

Onwards and upwards. My dialogue study sped up this week. I've down with Standing Separate leg stretching and am half way through Triangle. I envisaged needing two weeks on this at my usual study pace but its going in very well. I think I have a lot of it it from just hearing it in class. I'm well on track for getting all the Standing Series in by September. May well get half of the Spine strengthening series down too...maybe?!

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