Saturday, July 9, 2011

What day is it?

Some one asked me the other day how my 60 day challenge was going and what day I was on. I had no idea. I know I was somewhere in week two. This challenge is different from the 30 day, obviously it's double the time but also we get one official rest day. I'm not counting the days this time, I'm just going with it. Maybe when I get to day 50 I'll start a count down. As I write this I am on day 13.

In respects to how I'm feeling, I'm feeling good. I have been practicing five classes a week for the best part of this year. One more class isn't too much of a difference right now. The 5:45am classes are harder this time of year to get up for. It's been really cold here, I was even scraping ice from my windscreen at 5am in the pitch black on Monday. Why!! I hear you yell, because I can, I want to & I love my yoga practice. It takes a lot longer to warm up in class too. The class numbers have dropped off too compared to last year, everyone wants to stay in their nice warm beds!!

I finally got my timing right this week to ask my boss for a leave of absence so I can attend training. I didn't want to give too much notice but not too little. Ten weeks it was! I was going to broach the subject last week but the timing wasn't good for a number of reasons. I set my intention, presented a very nice bottle of wine and went for it. The response to the wine was, "is this a bribe," I answered honestly, "yes." It worked, my boss was so cool because I was honest, open and made it very clear I didn't want to leave forever & if he'd have me back after training I was very willing. I had a plan A and plan B already in place for who was going to cover my work whilst I was gone. Going with a solution not a problem is always the best way. Plan A came through, my cover was all sorted within a few hours. Wooo hoo!

Such a relief. I do love my job and I work for good people. I've worked for not so good people in the past so I realise how blessed I am to have this. For now I need to keep working a full time job until I have paid off the training fees and saved up a nest egg again. It also takes the pressure off training. I don't want a looming cloud over me whilst I'm there thinking I have to pull this off, I need to be able to teach as soon as I get back or else I won't be able to pay the bills. Now I can chill. If I need a few weeks or so doing mock classes to find my feet I can as I'll still have money coming in. This may sound sensible and material but I'm not some young whipper snapper that can fall back on their parents for financial support. (my parents live on the other side of the world anyway!) This is my new adventure I need to take responsibility, which includes finances. I'm lucky that I will soon be getting paid to do TWO things I love.

With this load off my mind something must have cleared. I've been having a struggling battle with Standing Head to knee pose. At the start of the year I was getting there, I was kicking out and starting to round down so my head down was on my knee. Then I went majorly backwards. A few instructors have been getting after me, telling me I have to do it sometimes and if I fall out I have to get back in straight away. Friday morning after the big revelation I did it. Tight, morning hamstrings and all. My head touched my knee and I held it. Not very long but best attempt this year!!!!



  1. VICTORY POSE! SH2K is a hard ass pose man and it looks so simple. dont they all... but im starting to kick out. if you can you must right. but yeah, loose hamstrings seem to really help with that.

  2. I have to say it must be the hardest in the series for sure. Kick, kick, kick, turn those toes back, lock the knees!!!!! So much to remember.