Friday, December 30, 2011

Team Perth reunited!

Team Perth aka as me, Kana & Jas who all attended BYTT this past fall had a mini reunion style. Jas & I headed to the North Perth studio to take Kana's class. I've not been to that studio so it was nice to get out my comfort zone and take my friends class. The studio is in an old church hall style building, loads of features and a cute wooden veranda we all waited patiently on till the doors open. They are keen in NP, I got there stupid early at 8:45am and people were already there. By the time the doors opened at 9am there was quite the line up. I had a lovely welcome from the studio director and made my way through the masses to find a spot in the room. Having no attachment issues at this studio it was great to just plonk my mat down in the first available spot I came across. Jas came in later and went in front of me. So nice to share my practice with the girls.

I had a great class and really pushed myself hard. My hydration has been horrible this past week. Christmas merriment got the better of me. It's been super hot here in Perth so I should have drunk a lot more hydrating liquids. Hence I was feeling a little dead by the end of class and had major beetroot red face. It was a steamy 39 degrees outside on the street so took a pew under the air con in reception to cool off before hitting the road. 

We are so blessed to have such a strong Bikram community in Perth. I'm so happy I got to share my training experience with Jas & Kana. Even better our friendship has carried on growing now we are back home. We are all so supportive & encouraging of each other, it's awesome to be a part of. It's great to hear other fellow Fall 11 graduates, especially Team New York and Team Vancouver are all supporting each other by taking each others classes and practicing together when they can. Yoga love!

With gratitude

I was really touched with gratitude this year how my friends and family have really taken interest in what I've been up to. The gifts I received reflected this interest. I know there is more to Christmas than gifts. I give gifts as a sign of love and friendship to people who mean a lot to me. I do spend a lot of time carefully selecting gifts. Charity donations are awesome presents. As are the many yoga gift vouchers I sold over the past month at both studios, the gift of health & fitness. Being so far away from most of my friends, a small token in the mail is like sending a small part of me as I can't be there in person.

Here are the thoughtful gifts I received. Yoga themed! A lovely Lululemon bag which is HUGE and has many pockets, perfect for teaching & practicing. (I did buy myself a similar, smaller Lulu bag in LA which I have now passed onto a new home) This came my way from The Man's mum along with a lovely lilac pashmina. All the way from London arrived an amazing fair trade yoga mat bag. Useful and for a good cause. (Made in Bikram's home town of Calcutta no less) From my friend and healer a beautiful hand made Mala with beads carefully selected to keep me balanced. Finally my very own Buddha statue from The Man. He is currently watching over my front garden (facing East) until we can construct a proper shrine area for him. The chickens aren't quite sure of our new addition but they are slowly getting closer but maybe they are just after the food offerings. 


Thank you!

Season's greetings everyone. Hope you are all enjoying a relaxing time with your loved one's & taking a little time for yourselves. (and of course fitting in some yoga!)

The Christmas Day charity yoga class at BYJ was a HUGE success. 29 students and 6 instructors made the morning fun & memorable, raising $550 for Youth Focus. Team Reindeer; Myself, Jo, Jules, Kana & Karen lead the class in round robin style teaching every fifth posture whilst mellow music played in the background. We kept our antlers on the whole class!

I somehow managed to get the 'killer' postures to teach, Awkward, Triangle, Locust and Camel. Everyone certainly burnt off enough calories for the day during Triangle. It was so much fun and certainly challenging. Leaping up to teach a posture whilst being a little out of breath from practicing the one before, no mic and music adding an extra distraction. The room was steamy, the energy was high and all for a great cause.

Most people hung around after for snacks and a chat. It was great to see students from the other studios drop by to support us too. Thank you to everyone who came and showed their support. Then it was home to the air conditioning for ham, prawns and salad!

Team Reindeer

Me teaching Triangle

Fantastic Camels!

Friday, December 23, 2011


Happy Christmas Eve Eve everybody! Yes I am still at work, last minute bits and pieces to wrap up (hahaha!) before we are out of here till January 3. 

I came across this the other day....

It got me thinking. I am a dweller, I hold onto things which I shouldn't. Letting go is hard sometimes, especially when I truly think I can fix something that went wrong. This is often not possible, it is out of my control. 

A recent situation has been bugging me. I was left hurt and offended by it. Hands up I probably dished back some of this in return, defensive reaction, you hurt me so I'm gonna stab you right on back. Not very mature I know. But I reached out my olive branch, I opened my heart but that person just wasn't ready. Deep down I know I should just walk away and do the above. Now I will. I know I'm just trying to be a good person but really in this particular case I must accept there is nothing to do but forgive & move on. My life will not be enriched by trying to push myself on someone who doesn't want me. Waste of energy and resources I can be using on someone who cares. 

So I've had a clear out, physically & mentally. Cancel, clear, erase but not forgotten. I've filed this away in the acceptance box of my memories. Time to move into 2012 with a clear mind and happy thoughts for the year ahead.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Day Class 8am

I've already mentioned this but I'm saying it again. Come to yoga on Christmas Day 8am BYJ. It's all for charity so what better way to start you festive day by giving back to a good cause. (Plus get some calories burnt off before you consume your own body weight in turkey & prawns!) I know it will take some convincing to get up for an 8am class but it will be fun, not your average type of class, with something a little different to mix it up. $15 for the class all proceeds go to the Youth Focus charity that our very own instructor Jules supports on a number of bike rides. She has a massive ride coming up next March.

Stretch, sweat & smile before you eat, drink & be merry this Sunday!

Kids Yoga January 2012

Very exciting news for January. Both studio's BYJ & BYSB are running kids yoga over the school holidays. One hour class, no heat & lots of fun for children 6 - 13 years old. I was very inspired at training when Jim Kallet's ten year old son jumped up on the podium with Bikram and busted out some floor series poses. 

Children are naturally bendy but lack the obvious concentration span adults have. There for the floor series postures are great for them, balancing in the standing series not so good. Also they can't sweat, hence no heat. It's so fantastic children are getting the opportunity to have a go at yoga in Perth. It will build strength mentally and physically, boost confidence & develop social skills. Yoga for children has also been noted for helping with conditions such as ADHD. By starting children young at yoga will help set them up for an adult practice & a happy, healthy life style. Start good habits at grass roots!!!

If you are in Perth and have children 6-13 bring them along. Details are on both studio websites (BYJ & BYSB) or here's the poster for BYJ.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Year, New changes

Yes my work has slowed right down this week. After barely having time to take five minutes for myself last week, I'm blessed with a little down time. I'm actually feeling inspired to write as well which is a good sign that I'm thinking more of my needs instead of constantly putting others first. Don't get me wrong, I love to give but I have been made more aware I need to hold a little back for myself in order to have the strength to give to others. 

New Moon on Saturday, the last of this year. Time to make a wish, set a good intention and make it happen. At my Reiki session we talked about this & I set my intention then and there. It's personal so sorry I'm not sharing it with the world. (keeping that little bit back for me!!) I'll reenforce it on Saturday night.

New Years always bring change, the date is the first thing to change. 2012. Wow, time flies hey. Two of my close school friends will be having their first babies in January & I have a wedding penciled in too for later in the year. 2011 has been amazing for me. Strong, positive, full of growth. Of course mistakes have been made, lesson's learned. I'm moving into the new year with a smile on my face & the strength to make things happen.

2012 has already got change penned it for me. My office is having a make over for one. The franchise we are part of brought out new branding a long while back and it's time for us to catch up. Total revamp, even walls are moving. Most excitingly I get my own office!!!! Wow wee! Not that I have it bad now, I only share with one other person. An office too myself means I can carve out this space to be the art room of dreams. It will be a very well thought out space to maximise creativity and positive energy. We've been working together drawing up the plans & all my ideas have been taken on board. I might reintroduce the inspiration wall which hasn't had a home thus so far. I've already had my Creative Suite software upgraded, very grateful for this, can do so much more funky new tricks with it.

I finally will be getting my wisdom teeth removed in January. I'm not sad to see them go after years of swelling, soreness and tooth ache. Be gone useless, nasty beings. It will be the first time I have ever had surgery. Scary. I've never had anything added to my body in way of modifications and likewise have never had anything removed. Natural as the day I was born (sorry that's a lie, I highlight my hair!). First time for everything. I'm thinking strongly that everything will go smoothly, nothing will get infected & the swelling be minimal. I'll have to take a week off work (sick pay phew) and teaching (sad face), it might be the only way to get me to sit still for five minutes & relax. Who's betting I'll be studying dialogue that week?!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Side Note on Yoga Clothes for TT

The last post got me thinking that I should write about yoga clothes for teacher training. I'm sure some future trainees might find it helpful. Disclaimer:This is my personal view, some fellow teachers might think different but this is what I discovered.

I had it in my head I needed 11 full sets to last the whole week. No you don't, save the suitcase space/money. 6 would have done fine as I hand washed/soaked straight after class in the sink. Drying is the problem. Ended up getting a small fan (Target $15) to help things dry quicker on the clothes rack ($20 Bed, Bath & Beyond - Sepulveda Blvd, 10 min walk from the Rad, they couldn't re stock the racks quick enough). Some brands dried super quick but my Lulu shorts too days to dry before the fan was introduced. Clothing companies drop by and say hi, loads of opportunity to buy new, exciting outfits from them, sometimes discounted but not vastly.

Personally I buy things to last, especially if I'm using them every day like yoga clothes. I'd rather spend good money on something that will go long haul & is comfortable. I'd go for comfort & fit first which I've only found with good quality, proper yoga brands. Nothing worse than shorts you are forever pulling up/down. Again, this is personal. If you are planning on throwing every piece of yoga clothing out after training to invest in nice sets after training, then yes buy cheapo, mend & make do clothes. A lot of people only took their old, knackered sets so they could be thrown out.

I recommend, if you don't already, wear shorts to practice in at training. Start before you go to get used to them/feel comfortable wearing them. You won't see yourself in the mirror & no one's cares if you have self perceived chunky, dimpled thighs. They are far too busy trying to survive those mind melting classes to be worried about your legs. Bikram gets upset if he can't see your knees for locking reasons. Plus it bloomin' hot in the yoga room, less clothes to better! Shorts are easier to wash too.

NO BANDEAU/TUBE TOPS even proper yoga one's. Bikram got very p*ssed off at my training as girls just couldn't stop adjusting them. It was a distraction for Boss & the chicks wearing them. You'll probably get told this when you get there but best know now so you don't pack a bunch of bandeau and can't wear them!

Make sure you take some clothes for posture clinics ie. what you will be teaching in. Some girls wore their class outfits (Shorts and crop tops), others like me came armed with capris and nice tank tops (3 sets was more than enough, capris came in handy to wear in lectures too, comfy). They don't have to be big brand names just nothing worn out/shabby looking or you will be sent to change & get a make up class. It's an investment after all, you will need clothes to teach in so why not, or wait till after training for the Lulu discount. (you need to show your certificate when you register in store) Get some Target stuff to get you through Training.

Oh yeah, last point on clothes: NOTHING GREEN. Not for yoga, lectures, posture clinic, graduation just don't do it. I know there is 100's of variations of the colour but use your common sense. If you have to ask, don't wear it. 

Wunder Unders!

A rather nice perk of being a yoga industry professional (still sounds weird, I am in the yoga profession!) is being part of the Lululemon research and development team. That doesn't sound very perky but the 15% discount is. All I have to do is submit three reviews a year on products I buy at Lulu. 

I decided to get the ball rolling and give myself a Christmas treat of a lovely pair of Astro Wunder Unders to teach in. I can hear my yoga friends screaming "you don't need any more yoga clothes!" I know, I know but this stuff is all tax deductible now right & discounted. I also need to be comfortable when I teach, look tidy and well presented. Big emphasis at training on this. I hear Michon saying "would you teach in that?" whilst staring at a scabby t-shirt or ratty singlet. Some of my capris I took to training are a little tatty now, they've been round the block a bit as they weren't new before training. Excuses, excuses, I always have to justify things. Sod it, have money will spend it on new work clothes!!! 

I took them for a test drive this morning, teamed with one of the new bandeau LaLa land tops I bought in LA. (I bought the all black pair so they will team with any top) Owww they were awesome, great fit, I wasn't pulling them up or adjusting them. I could get on with teaching without worrying I was flashing my students. The dipped waist band is really flattering too and doesn't sit too high. The material is light and very breathable. Wunderfull!!

How long are you here for?

This is the question I was asked over the weekend after one of my classes. In reply; "I'm here permanently, I live in Perth." Okay have I confused some of you, hands up? Here in the Perth Bikram community we have a steady stream of traveling teachers passing through. It's probably one of the main draw cards in doing this job. Travel, teach, see the world. I'm not ready to pack up & hit the road just yet, I feel like I've only just laid down a foundation here in Australia after leaving my mother land England seven years ago to, well, hit the road.

That is why I have been asked a few times how long I'm staying in Perth because I have a British accent. Kinda throws people. They hear a foreign accent and assume you're a traveler. I am an Australian citizen so I can stay forever but I'm holding onto my accent thanks!

Anyways, I was well received when I delivered my answer of I'm here to stay. Slowly, slowly there we have it I'm building a student teacher bond. Already I have had first timers in my class who have returned for a second, third class with me. Sometimes it's scary when people ask when I'm next teaching, are they planning on avoiding me?! But when they do return to my class with a smile & stop for a chat it's a nice part of the job. I don't just want to be the voice who pushes them to work hard to lock the knee, I'm a real person, who's nice & approachable, ready to answer any questions the best I can. Just ask the student who got me on my favourite subject electrolytes...good job he wasn't in a rush to leave!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Kat Eden Transformation Seminar

Happy Friday everyone, one week till Christmas. Are we excited yet? I am, means I get to teach yoga, do some personal practice & finally put my feet up at home and relax, completely relax! With New Year coming up so do the usual resolutions, "I'm gonna quit sugar, eat more healthy, loose 4kg etc, etc." I don't usually do resolutions but this year I might. I'm going to start with my diet. It needs cleaning up in order to get maximum proficiency out of my body. Most people focus too much on losing weight, I'm focusing on maximum output of energy & nourishing my body from the inside out. I let my diet slid at training turning into a sugar whore and eating far too many refined carbs. I didn't put on any weight mind you, I stayed the same but toned up a little here & there but my muscles would have performed so much better without being drowned in sugar.

I have mentioned lifestyle, fitness and nutrition coach Kat Eden in my past blogs. Kat visited BYJ last year to present a 'Food For Yoga' seminar. It was so well received she came back again this year to do a transformation seminar. Kat writes two blogs; Woman Incredible & Body Incredible - both dedicated to all thing health, nutrition and fitness. She is a personal trainer and also practices Bikram even competing in championships. 

The seminar was very interesting. It went over some of the things we heard last year which means Kat's theories work. Last years way of thinking is still this years. Kat practices what she preaches and looks amazing, even after having a baby. (she is the same age/height as me so I can't use that as an excuse, just more inspiration material to make this work for me) It reminded me what I need to be doing right now. I've practiced the protein before yoga method all year. Again letting this slip at training by slathering my protein rich nut butter on toast. Maybe this was why I was constantly lacking in energy & couldn't keep my eyes open, haha maybe 3% of the reason. 

It's all about the protein baby! First meal of the day ditch those cereals & grains & chow down on steak n eggs. That is what I've been doing for the past 6 days. Well, good quality butcher's gluten free sausages for three of the days and my home produced eggs, steak the other three. I even cooked up an egg at 4:15am before teaching on Tuesday. So far so good. I'm fuller for longer and feel more alert. No 3pm energy sugar cravings. Again, the power of the mind may be playing a part but that's fine by me as long as I'm not reaching for the chips & chocolate.

To read more about Kat's 10 quick Transformation tips click right here.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Teach - Work - Take

The title of this post might be a little cryptic, in short it sums up my day on Tuesday this week. Last week I mentioned in a post about making sure I keep up with my own personal practice. Easy as last week. This week a little more tricky. I scored five classes to teach!! Quite the increase from two or my expected three. I'm itching to teach as much as humanly possible. The only way to learn and grow as a teacher is to teach, teach, teach.  Apologies if I'm repeating myself, I have permanent yoga brain. 

Tuesday was an experiment. Teach the 5:45am class (4:15am alarm!), work all day at design job 8:45am - 5pm, then scoot down Scarborough & practice the 7pm. I've started a new energy boosting food program (whole post dedicated to this at some point) so with my mind programmed it would have enough energy to do a 17 hour day off I went. I survived nine weeks of 17 hour days, one day wouldn't kill me. It was fine. I did have the energy, my practice was strong and I'm seeing breakthroughs and improvements. Cramping was a slight problem, I'm sweating when I teach so I need to hydrate like when doing a double. Hands up it was a long day, I got home at 9:15pm, The Man had cooked me dinner but left the washing up. No big deal, I ended up washing up at 10pm as evening classes leave me a little wired. 

However. This will not be something I'll be doing every week. I was a little frazzled come Wednesday morning and crashed in the evening. Occasionally, once or twice a month at a push if I have to to get my own practice in. I wouldn't do this in reverse order, teaching last. I owe it to my students to be as fresh and alert as I can be. Successful experiment but won't be adopting it into my weekly routine unless absolutely necessary.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Team Perth

What a weekend. Whirlwind non stop excitement again. Next weekend I am definitely slowing down (for at least 10 counts, all the way down!). 

The weekend started with the 6pm Friday night yoga lead by my BYJ training buddy Jas. So good  to see her, after seeing everyday for 9 weeks then not seeing her for two weeks was very strange. I've missed her! Not a great turn out, there were five of us. Jas did great she got the class energy going, cracking jokes and gently pushing us hard through the 90 minutes. Jas is a natural. Beautiful voice, nice & calm but with firm command, very much like the lovely Rajashree. I had a great class. So much so I woke up Saturday morning with a total yoga hangover!!!

I taught my first class at the other studio in Scarborough Beach on Saturday arvo. Different crowd down there, in a good way. I went into commando style for some of it which I wasn't happy about. Already I have learned you can commanding without being a commando. My over excitement gets the better of me at times and that is when I start barking. It showed me how important it is, just like in personal practice, to teach at different studios. I am already very comfortable at my home studio so to have the opportunity to mix it up down at BYSB is great.

There were three of us from Perth at TT, Team Perth! The third gal from the North Perth studio, Kanayko, swung by my 8am Sunday morning class to say hi & practice. Again so good to see her & have her in my class. She hung out on reception & helped out before class. To have such great supportive friends/colleagues makes this job even more fantastic. I stopped for fuel on my way to the studio and the lady asked me if I was working today (probably as it was so early). I very nearly said no, then I remembered I was, but as this teaching job doesn't actually feel like 'work' it felt strange to say 'yes I'm going to work', so I said 'yes I'm teaching yoga this morning.' Looking forward to taking Kana's class and having Jas practice in my class. What a team!!

My mentor also took class so I was able to get some valuable two weeks in feedback. It was funny the things I perceived myself to have stuffed up she hadn't even noticed (fake it till you make it!). My feedback was very constructive. Mainly to help me work on timing. I finished both weekend classes on time but I was aware I'd 'galloped' through some of the standing postures & shaved a few seconds off the savasanas. I'm starting to look at second sides now and extra dialogue, this will help with timing & keep it it interesting. I'm comfortable with the dialogue we learned for training, the meat & potatoes, now I feel it's time to start adding some vegetables & gravy to the plate. I have time on my hands as this isn't expected of us just yet. Some little & often studying over the next few weeks will keep me on top of the game. So much more to learn & I'm so ready to learn more.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hitting the ground running

The title of this post sums it up really. After five leisurely jet lags days I have literally not stopped. Nearly two weeks back at full time work, four yoga classes taught, eight practiced, I have been busy, busy, busy. 

Last weekend for example I left the house at 8:30am Saturday morning and didn't get home till 7:30pm Sunday night. I literally lived out my car but did get to sleep in a real bed Saturday. (my friends guest bed to be precise) But I'm loving it. Fast pace and furious is how I like it. If I'm not kept on my toes I get bored.

I am learning that I need to keep everything balanced. Setting up new files for teaching invoices/tax recipes is top of the list when I get a spare second. Christmas card writing took priority over that. Most of this will be digital but I still  have some actual paper work to deal with. Don't mess with the tax man. I'm making time for my personal practice. It's so important and will help my teaching. I like having the 'face time' with students too so they just don't see me on the podium but being a student as well. Too many teachers have told me they find it hard to keep up there own practice in order to teach full time. As I'm not teaching full time but working full time it still will be a challenge. So far, so good.

I started having Reiki healing which hopefully will help relax some of my mad energy. There was mention of post traumatic stress disorder as a result of attending TT. I laughed this off but I have had some nights I've woken up bolt upright in bed thinking I was sleeping through a lecture!! Even though I was one of the few who had a sunshine & rainbows experience I feel there was some dark energy I absorbed or was exposed to. That needs to be exorcised!!!

A few people have that they have found it hard to integrate back into real life after training. I've been too busy to have a choice, head first back into it. One weird thing is though I have found myself distancing myself from my fellow trainees. Of course there are the friends for life who I personally have emailed to touch base with. I've been keeping up with my posture clinic group in our own private area too. I mean I'm not really going into the general Facebook Group and mixing like I did before I left. Maybe it's the lack of time. Maybe I've just closed that circle. Everyone is on their own journey now. We shared the 9 weeks, now its time to move on. Just like training some will struggle, some will cruise it, I just haven't had the energy to follow it all online. I hope each and every person finds their way and finds their happiness but my way now is back in my own home space. I have let go, moved on and send them all good vibes.

With Christmas just around the corner I can't see things slowing down just yet. My day job closes for Christmas week, perfect opportunity for me to teach more! We are having a charity class on Christmas Day which should be fun. Not sure if I can mention what we are doing...I might leave it as a surprise but I'm really looking forward to it. A class with a 'twist!'

Friday, December 2, 2011

Let loose!

After a successful mock class I was let loose on the public for the Tuesday 5:45am class.

I'll back track a bit first. I started back at my full time day job on the Monday. It felt right to be going back, I was a little apprehensive my stand in might have done such a rocking job they might not want me back. Didn't need to worry, quite the opposite happened. My marketing manager greeted me with the words "please, never go away again." I won't go into details but let's say I was welcomed back with open arms and I felt very much appreciated. My desk looked like a bomb site. After a quick tidy up and bin session I was back in business.

Other instructors have said it takes a while to readjust back into the real world. I've been okay. Nothing has felt weird. It's just normal, like I have never been away. Maybe because I was really centered before I left. I knew I was doing the right thing and I knew I had a great place to come back to. Positive thinking at it's best. Doubt grows and feeds more doubt. Positive outlooks become reality if you truly believe in what you are wishing for.

A lot of people go to Training to change their lives and finally get to do a job they love. I didn't want a new career, I have a very nice, successful one thank you, I was after something extra to enrich what I already have. I like to have the best of both world's where possible and now I have it. How irritating am I, I know, two jobs I love. Believe you can have it all and you will. (or just read The Secret and everything will become clear where I'm coming from)

Day two back at work & my 'new work' routine started. I had to get up super early 4:15am to be at the studio at 5:05am to open up & learn the ropes. I had some help that first morning which was great. Nineteen keen students turned up. Three familiar, happy faces were amongst them which was a comfort (thanks Bianca, Shelley F & Bridget!) I had headset problems which threw me a bit but soon I was well under way. I love teaching. Just the simplest change of tone/command and you can see the students move deeper, work harder with your words, get maximum benefits! Such a privilege to be helping people get themselves healthy and fit. What a job!!!

When that job was done and everyone was safely out the door. Time for a quick shower, change and off I went to the day job. I was sat at my desk only 20 minutes after my official start time, very happy I found a car parking space and I'd done my bit for the greater good. 

A fantastic perk that come's with being a teacher means I can use the staff changing room!! No more waiting in line for a shower & I can spread out, no more sharing bench space. I also get to leave my stuff there too. No more hiking my huge wash bag & towels around. I really went to town with that one. Purchasing a shiny purple caddy to keep my shampoo & it's friends in. I will miss the morning chit chat in the student changing rooms but it might mean we all get out the door a bit quicker.

This has been a gentle week of two classes to get me started and then it's into full swing. I'm scheduled on for four classes next week including my first class at BYSB!!

Full Circle

Completing the circle and teaching your first Bikram Yoga Class is the icing on the cake after finishing Training. Saturday 26th November 2011 at 11:30am I closed my circle. This was a mock class set up by my studio director to make sure everything was running smoothly before I was let loose on the public. 

At training you don't get the chance to teach a real class, in real conditions. There are a few 'holes' that also need to be filled by your mentor. I was lucky enough to have a briefing on this before the class so I could make it was authentic as possible. Sadly I can not reveal any 'trade secrets' on this, comes under that copyright/teacher/student rule thing. There are some things students don't need to know ;-) 

The class was just like a real class. There were four instructors and three real life students. It was in the yoga room, with the headset and the heat blasting. It went very well I feel. My timing needs working on, like most new teachers say. This will come with practice, practice, practice! I was so relieved to get through Spine Twist I totally forgot everything that is involved in the final breathing so garbled something then started clapping. I received positive, useful feedback with homework. 

This is only the start. Someone asked me the other day what my next challenge will be, they know me well enough that I always need a project or three to be getting on with. I answered that this one has only just begun. So much more to learn. Just like before training, I sit on the train twice a day dialogue in hand reviewing and learning new things; left side, extra dialogue, benefits. This will keep me busy for a while!