Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How long are you here for?

This is the question I was asked over the weekend after one of my classes. In reply; "I'm here permanently, I live in Perth." Okay have I confused some of you, hands up? Here in the Perth Bikram community we have a steady stream of traveling teachers passing through. It's probably one of the main draw cards in doing this job. Travel, teach, see the world. I'm not ready to pack up & hit the road just yet, I feel like I've only just laid down a foundation here in Australia after leaving my mother land England seven years ago to, well, hit the road.

That is why I have been asked a few times how long I'm staying in Perth because I have a British accent. Kinda throws people. They hear a foreign accent and assume you're a traveler. I am an Australian citizen so I can stay forever but I'm holding onto my accent thanks!

Anyways, I was well received when I delivered my answer of I'm here to stay. Slowly, slowly there we have it I'm building a student teacher bond. Already I have had first timers in my class who have returned for a second, third class with me. Sometimes it's scary when people ask when I'm next teaching, are they planning on avoiding me?! But when they do return to my class with a smile & stop for a chat it's a nice part of the job. I don't just want to be the voice who pushes them to work hard to lock the knee, I'm a real person, who's nice & approachable, ready to answer any questions the best I can. Just ask the student who got me on my favourite subject electrolytes...good job he wasn't in a rush to leave!

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