Friday, December 2, 2011

Full Circle

Completing the circle and teaching your first Bikram Yoga Class is the icing on the cake after finishing Training. Saturday 26th November 2011 at 11:30am I closed my circle. This was a mock class set up by my studio director to make sure everything was running smoothly before I was let loose on the public. 

At training you don't get the chance to teach a real class, in real conditions. There are a few 'holes' that also need to be filled by your mentor. I was lucky enough to have a briefing on this before the class so I could make it was authentic as possible. Sadly I can not reveal any 'trade secrets' on this, comes under that copyright/teacher/student rule thing. There are some things students don't need to know ;-) 

The class was just like a real class. There were four instructors and three real life students. It was in the yoga room, with the headset and the heat blasting. It went very well I feel. My timing needs working on, like most new teachers say. This will come with practice, practice, practice! I was so relieved to get through Spine Twist I totally forgot everything that is involved in the final breathing so garbled something then started clapping. I received positive, useful feedback with homework. 

This is only the start. Someone asked me the other day what my next challenge will be, they know me well enough that I always need a project or three to be getting on with. I answered that this one has only just begun. So much more to learn. Just like before training, I sit on the train twice a day dialogue in hand reviewing and learning new things; left side, extra dialogue, benefits. This will keep me busy for a while!

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