Friday, November 25, 2011

What I have learned from training so far...

Every teacher I spoke to before training said nothing will prepare you for training. Now I understand how hard it is to describe the experience. You really just need to go to understand it. Even my notebooks would make no sense to anyone reading them who hasn’t been through the course. (even though they aren’t allowed to read them….copyright issues again!)

Now I do understand why my mentor pushed me to not quit the 60 day challenge when I was so broken down, tired and strung out. It made Training feel like a breeze in comparison. Clever lady. I had nothing to worry about but yoga & dialogue. No housework, husband, animals, driving or full time work to deal with.

I’m sure it will take a lot longer than a few days to absorb what I’ve just been through. Even now though I can see a change in me. In the airport I was super chilled out. I wasn’t worried about being seated at the gate hours & hours early. Lining up to board I stepped aside and helped usher a family with small children ahead of me as they’d miss their early call to board. Patience & understanding at work.

I had chance to do my Karma Yoga on my way home too. I got a great seat on the plane at the back, aisle seat, baggage space, next to a pleasant, chatty person. Just before take off the Stewardess approached me and asked if I minded moving. A fellow female passenger had requested that she be seated by another lady. So they picked me. Hmmm did I look normal?? Of course I agreed, giving up my good seat to help someone else is a good thing to do. I know some women are uncomfortable sitting by a strange man for 17 hours, especially on a night flight. Turned out the man didn’t want to switch so I stayed put. (I ended up talking about the Mahabharata with my seat mate, who would have thunk it I’ve learned a new conversation topic, maybe with Indians only though!)

Learning not to judge is a new skill I’ve required. You never know what’s going on with someone so don’t start getting on their case without knowing the details. You may never know the details so tread carefully. Don’t poke the crazy! There is a fine line though in class between being lazy and genuinely struggling. Once I get to know my future regular students I’ve been told you can gauge this. If someone always rests their hands of their head between half moon and backbend or can never keep their arms out for the whole of awkward it’s time to ask why. A recurring pattern of bad habits may well be an injury or just the dreaded laziness. The latter will require gentle handling to encourage them they can keep their arms in place! Another skill, don’t be a bitch. A firm hand and encouragement go a long way rather than yelling and criticising.

Being sympathetic to others needs is one I’m still working on. I'm usually quick to be down on people who are down. I see it as a waste of energy/opportunity. I am learning not to be up in people’s faces all the time when I think they need cheering up. Give others their space when needed and stay out of drama that doesn’t concern me.

Finally saving a little energy for myself. In order to serve others better I must learn not to go around dishing out 100% energy in everything I do or I’ll crash. Then I won’t be any use to anyone. Not everything we do has to be totally selfless. Keep 10% back for me.

This is just the beginning I'm sure we will never stop learning and discovering from this. 

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