Thursday, September 29, 2011

A release!

Hump day of week 2. It's been a tough one. I'm pushing through but have found my knees are started a new relationship with my mat. It's okay, it's 100% normal, I am not beating myself up about it. 

One of my personal goals here at TT is to have a release in some way. I feel I am due one. Then again, as my roomie commented I may not need one, there might not be a blockage. Maybe I just want to be part of the gang who are having emotionally clearing moments and feeling better afterward for it.

But today in the morning class my release came. In the form of a river of blood flowing out of my nose. I was going down into half tortoise when I saw little spots of red on my shiny white towel (supplied & washed by the hotel, phew!). Emergency moment, I hot trotted in out the room, only taking my hand away to show staff members the reason I was leaving. Wooow wee. Once I got outside the room, sat down was handed a clean towel and told to wait for the nurse did the river start. Biggest nose bleed ever. Sorry I have to share the details but it was like chunks of blood clots!!! Pretty darn impressive.

I've had nose bleeds in Australia when I worked outside in the top heat of summer so I wasn't too worried. This was the first yoga induced bleed. I've also been battling a cold this week & that is a usual sign for me to get a blood nose. But hey, it was a release!!!! The nurse jammed ice in the roof of my mouth, found me a wall & told me to stay upright. I felt fine though, I actually wanted to laugh, probably because I was covered in blood. 

Once it stopped I just made it back in the room for Spinal Twist. I think I shocked the outside staff as I leaped up begging to be let back in. It was a nice driver reviver to get some air but I will try my best to make sure it doesn't become a habit. It would have been bad form to stay in the room and bleed out everywhere though!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


The Ballroom, aka The Hot Yoga Room

New friends!

Weekend Shopping trip, lucky to have a ride in a big truck

Hotel room gourmet: steak, cheese, spinach, pitta

Half Moon Delivery

Tuesday was the first day we started delivering the Half Moon posture to Bikram. I’d noticed on the right side of the stage there was a red cross then three tapped red lines going across the stage. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what these were for, ie. The cross was where we stand to deliver then move onto the lines to become the demo people. I’m sure I read somewhere on a blog that trainees line up on the right of the stage then go up to deliver.

Being a super keen person that I am I made sure I sat on an isle seat on the right hand side of the stage so I could leap up and get in line asap. As soon as the gates were open I was off. I ended up lining up (well sitting on the black waiting chairs) for nearly two hours till it was my turn.

Two of my new friends Lauren and Tiffany both rocked it. Tiff didn’t even get to finish the dialogue, Boss had heard enough to know she’d be a great teacher. They were both awesome. (& so were all my other new buddies, you know who you gals are!)

My turn came. I was kitted out in my shiny new Lulu tank and a pair of capris. What I considered a professional teaching outfit. I wanted to look and feel like a teacher. Boss chatted a little with me about his up coming trip to Australia in January. I smiled and nodded but didn’t say I wouldn’t be attending ;-)

Off I went. Those who have heard me deliver dialogue know I have my own unique style. I am very animated and pronunciate certain words. This actually had the crowd of 400 people laughing. I was a little scared by this, why are these people laughing at my best drill sergeant technique. Not to worry they were all cheering and clapping before I got to the end. What a feeling. I put 100% passion behind that delivery and it paid off. Boss smiled and said “I’m glad she made you all laugh.” Then said good. Phew. The girl after me stumbled a little and Boss told her it’s okay, it’s hard to follow a performance like hers, ie. me.

It was such a rush to be up there teaching. It felt so good. I am heading in the right direction. I was scared I would come across as OTT or not genuine. A lot of other people were told to cut the drama, stop acting, you’re not doing it for the right reason. Boss has a way of figuring you out in 10 seconds what you’re really like. I’m hoping from my feedback he knew I wasn’t acting and the energy was a true reflection of my character.

I had lots of nice feedback from other students and a few asked me to help them with their dialogue, that was nice. My karma yoga can be helping some of the others who aren’t as far ahead as me. I started yesterday by going through Standing Separate leg stretching with my roomie. We had a rare afternoon off so took advantage of the free time & pool area. I won’t let this first performance go to my head, with the impending sleep depravation, harder classes and stricter rules, dialogue delivery may well be more challenging. Some of the floor postures have already disappeared from memory…

Saturday, September 24, 2011

End of week 1

Every instructor that has gone through training says the same thing. You cannot describe it. The daily schedule is very structured. Two yoga classes a day, a mid morning lecture and an evening lecture or posture clinic or infamous movie. Even in the five days we have been here I have fallen into step. I love this. Just be here at this time, that time. Even when you are on time the schedule always runs late. We work on Indian time here! Also expect the unexpected.

I’m not gonna reveal the secrets of training. It’s copyrighted and the Big B has very good lawyers! I can describe to you what I have gone through this week.

My jet lag stuffed me up. I barely slept the first few days. I was wired, excited and running on that energy. 400 excited people whip up some awesome energy alone. The yoga room is amazing, HUGE and of course f&^%ing hot. Never, never will I ever complain that a studio is hot. You are soaking wet before you even stand up for the breathing. It’s been the least of my worries, the heat has not actually bothered me. In saying that no one is moaning about the heat really. Fatigue has been my dagger. That is what has brought me to my knees quite a lot this week. That & probably malnutrition!

People who have practiced with me in Joondy would be shocked. My cast iron determination and focus went to shit the first few classes. I was actually being my own worse nightmare, a fussy, fidgety mess in savasana, between postures and generally every chance I got. One class I was stuffing ice down my top and laying out small piles of ice around my towel to lie on!!!!! WTF! This is not me, this is also not normal practice. I have managed to pull it together the past day or so. I had one near normal practice with the Boss and one today. I’m not worried. I am taking all the advice and not killing myself early on. It is hard not too as the room is so hot I am finding kicking and stretching comes so much easier. People are dropping like flies. Big strong men being carried out of the room. There has been puking, lots of puking. No crying as yet. This is just the start.

Oh boy food. We are blessed to have a fridge but cooking in the room is illegal. I got round it ;-) I’ve been getting my protein in and some veg. I found an awesome water boiling thing that can cook veg really quick. I have no interest in food. Nothing at all interests me. I am ramming food down when I’m not hungry because I have to, there is barely an hour to change, eat & get out the door. Even if I did really crave something I have no time to get it. This weekend we have all decided it’s steak and pizza on the menu for sure!!!

So far so good. Today, Friday, I felt like death all day but as soon as evening class is done I am alive. I love this yoga! This has been the pattern. Wacked all day, tough morning class, then some jazzed in the evening. My muscles are sore but they are holding in there. My throat is getting sore, a few people have this. Probably best not to be sharing ice with people out of the same container any more? We have been blessed with the evening off. The Boss is out of town & there isn’t anything they can do with us as 200 people still need to deliver Half Moon.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Time is so so short here in LA. There is barely enough time to blink an eye. I am snatching a quick five minutes whilst I dry off from my shower before I try and force some food down myself which I have no interest in eating. I cannot reveal the secrets of Yoga Boot Camp & I don't want to, hey you pay your 11k & get your butts down here & find out!!!! bahh haaaa.

It's all down to survival. I feel like Bear Grylls. Do anything to stay alive, stay hydrated, stay sane. Sanity has not been an issue for me as yet. Nothing has yet apart from serious sore muscles.

I am surviving thus far and I am loving every moment. I have stayed in the room, I have not puked but I have pulled back so far I'm on the verge of being called a lazy arse. Hey if it keeps me in the game it'll be worth it. My new friends are awesome, sweet and kind. It's amazing that being so busy and rushed leaves little time for anything else. You can switch off & tune out. I have not been outside into fresh air for three days. No time for air there are 1000 other more important things.

More at the weekend with my report of the first test: Half Moon delivery to Bikram. If you haven't seen on FB, I loved loved loved my 1 minute in the spot light!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sea breeze

One of the main things I'd like to get out this experience is to make lots of new international friends. I think it'll be easy to make friends here as we all love the yoga, instant connection. 

I was horribly knackered and grumpy tonight after my epic day. We'd made arrangements to meet up for dinner at 5pm and head over to Santa Monica. I just couldn't do it. I feel sad as my uni friend SB was out there and I was gonna meet her for a mojito. I caught her briefly at the airport yesterday so at least I saw her. I knew making plans outside the yoga bubble will never work. Plus the taxi would be $100 round trip up the coast. I cancelled. 

However all was not lost. A quick shower, a Starbucks, a change of clothes and I made it out with five lovely ladies for a trip down the road. 15 minutes and $5 later we were at Manhattan beach. A lot cleaner, funkier than I imagined it to be. It was great to be by the sea. Had dinner at The Kettle. I remembered it was mentioned in the Lonely Planet as a good, cheap eat. $17 for a HUGE bowl of chicken, veggie pasta, garlic bread and a massive side salad. I took my leftovers home in true American doggie bag style. I'm sure we will find cheaper but as it was my first proper meal since leaving Australia nearly three days ago.

Here we are on the beach, what a lovely bunch of Smiling happy faces!
BYTT Fall 2011

Here I am

Here I am in Los Angeles. My 27 epic hour flight was fine. My hamstrings were burning from Thursday morning's class the entire way, being cramped up in a tiny, tiny plane seat in cattle class did not help. I have no idea what time zone I'm on, all I know is my head is a cloud of fug.

Found fellow BYTTer NC at LAX so we could go to the hotel together. We are rooming for the two nights before my real roomie gets here on Sunday. It was a bit of a task as I was at terminal 1 and NC was at Terminal 3. I didn't realize LAX was so big! oppss. Australian mobile not working, good job have UK mobile as back up. We found each other, we found the free shuttle, we got to the Radisson. 

And so the drama begins. I had originally booked direct with the hotel as I unfortunately lacked confidence in HQ's organisation skills. I know, I know, they have been running these shows for many years but every year people still have issues. I had issues. I cancelled my direct booking and booked through HQ in a vain attempt to not have to move rooms. I had two emails from HQ confirming my arrival date and room mates. I get here and no booking. I have been booked in for Saturday not Friday. Lucky there is a room available but I have to pay. Again. I have already paid through HQ. Hey ho. I am knackered, I don't care, I will get the money back out of HQ at some point. 

Part two room drama. I am told this will be my room for the nine weeks ahead but I do need to come and check out and back in on Saturday. I do this to be told to shift out of my room with all my bags and check back in at 3pm. I have a car booked to take me and some other girlies shopping in the morning, leaving me 1 hour to pack up and shift out. JJ fellow BJY training buddy to the rescue. I dump all my stuff in her room across the hall. Go shopping, bring all my shopping back and dump it in JJ's room till 3pm.

Long, long line to check in at 3pm. People having same drama. I now have my room. It is on the 8th floor, yoga room on the 2nd. I will be travelling a lot of flights of stairs. I have a fridge though!!!! Some rooms do not. Trainee's are spread out all over the place. So much for all us us being on two floors.

Second drama happened out shopping. My shiny new, low charge ANZ travel card was declined. It worked yesterday. But not today. It worked in the ATM, there is loads of money on it. Just didn't like being used in Target. Embarrassing situation of putting things back and scraping together cash. Shopping trip nearly ruined as I'd left all my other cards at the hotel, I was out of cash. Lucky stupid card worked in the ATM outside Target so got cash and madly ran back in the re buy the stuff (all the essential food making stuff) I really needed.

Deep deep breaths. Now I will take spare bank card everywhere. Really hating the fact my new emergency credit card didn't turn up before I left. I may well need it if this thing happens again. 

Last thing. I broke my rose crystal. Forgot it was there when changing in the bathroom, it slipped out and smashed on tile floor. :-(

I am hoping this is all part of the mystical process that is sent to try us. All this happened and I still never shed a tear. Emotional blockage still there.

Got to talk to The Man tonight, yay! Happy happy happy. Also had lovely dinner at Manhattan beach with 5 beautiful ladies who are normal, sweet and entertaining. Friends for life, check!! Plus nice man at hotel bar gave NC & I free hot water to make tea in our room. Small gestures go a long long way on this journey. Thought I should end on a happy note.

It's 11:20pm, why am I awake. Hope I don't wake up at half past stupid, jet lag I will slay you sooner than later. 


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Off I go!!

So here I am at Perth International airport (free wi-fi whoot!) waiting to board my very, very long flight to LA via Dubai. Had a lovely last day at home, actually I wasn't really home all that much. 

Started my day with the 9:30am yoga class. Saying goodbye to a few friends and my mentor I was all jittery with excitement and nerves. I was given the most amazing opportunity which was to 'teach' which ever postures I liked in the real life class. I opted for Half Moon and Awkward, two sets both sides. I was loving it so much I quickly asked the instructor in charge if I could carry on and do Eagle. Eager nod and I was off. What a rush!!!!!!! I did stuff my right and lefts up a little, end of Eagle was a bit out of order but hey first go n all. So so awesome being able to get up there and teach real students for 20 whole minutes. Probably broke every rule in the Bikram rule book but hey, I loved it.

Only down side was when I finally got down off the podium I had missed warming myself up so was a little stupid to kick out in SH2K and quickly retreated. Despite that I was dripping in sweat. I'm gonna be the super sweaty teacher!

More good byes after class. Then lunch with my friend J who has been so kind in mixing me up Bach's flower remedies & potions. I was presented today with Melatonin and a rose quartz crystal. This is to carry round with my in the left side of my bra, close to my heart. It will give me super powers!! Except I nearly lost it when I had a shower as I forgot it was there and it dropped out on the bed room floor. Good news though, I don't feel it's there. Fully installed back in it's place now. Hope I don't get strip searched the other end. How do you explain a crystal shoved under one's boob?!!

Made it home to finish the epic task of packing. I managed to get it all in one bag can you believe. My hand luggage is stuffed full. So glad they didn't weigh it!! Anyway all my crap went in. Here's the half way photo. I have the finished photo but not down loaded it yet. It weighed in at 26kg, 4kg below my limit!!!! I'm hoping I'll wear out most of the yoga clothes and make room for some shopping trip goodies State side. Plus I won't be bringing the masses of supplements and yoga mat at back. 

So off I go people to join the circus also known as Bikram Yoga Teacher Training...

Believe it or not it all went in!

Monday, September 12, 2011

California Here We Come

Today is my last Monday at work for ten whole weeks. How exciting. I am madly briefing my stand in designer, showing her the ropes and training her up on our online ordering system. So far so good.

The past week or so I've been a bit obsessed with listening to the song 'California Here we Come' by Phantom Planet aka the theme tune to  the OC. It's become my anthem as I am heading to California THIS THURSDAY!!!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

One week count down

One week to go till BYTT Fall 2011. Time has flown by. I've been kept very busy with last minute detail checks. Packing has commenced, just. There are still piles but some things have made it into the bag! I've checked my flight details & realized I'd not booked my seat yet. Of course all the good seats have gone now so I'm in the aisle from Perth to Dubai but snagged a window for Dubai to LA. I need to curl up and sleep for that one, it's 16 hours boo hoooo. 

I upped my practice back to four this week. I aimed for five but it didn't happen. My balance was all off after my break but I felt strong again. I had an awesome class on Tuesday night with Keira. I'm so close in Standing Head to Knee. So close. Balancing stick feels effortless now as well, how did that happen? I also held the whole of Standing Bow Pulling first set with my chin glued to my shoulder. I've been falling out very often in this. Is this the magical, mystical breakthroughs that happen after a 60 day challenge? Hoping so.

I've been let loose on reception now. Learning the ropes, checking students in, advising on which class pass is best for them. It's been fun. I've noticed some students seem to know who I am and address me on a first name basis which is great!!! But I have no idea who they are...oppps. I will learn. I only tried to keep one ladies credit card and nearly under changed someone else. So embarrassing when the customer says "I gave you a 20." Sorry colour blind/blonde moment got my blues and reds mixed up!!! Keeping up with ticking the stock sheets too is tricky. Definitely a multi tasking job.

I'm throwing a going away party tonight at the boat Harbour in Hillarys for JJ and I. Really looking forward to it. Got a mix of students, instructors, friends and The Man's family coming. No way have I ordered enough food but hey, there only snacky things, they might get round everyone. Gonna let my hair down & get my drink on baby!!!!! Before I morph into serious, detoxed, healthy eating no drinking, very focused on the task in hand Bikram Yoga teacher trainee.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Warming up

I've just rolled over the two week count down till I leave for LA. I really just want to get there now and get started. It won't be no holiday but as a travel hound I think a sea change/continent change is just what I need to freshen things up.

I had my last dialogue class yesterday with my director. First I ran through the reception desk procedure  and had a go checking students in and using the EFTPOS machine. Half an hour really does go quite fast. Anything I cock up can be sorted after after the class. As long as the names on the sheet match the names in the computer and the till balances we're good. There's a lot more to learn on my return, opening and closing procedure etc. 

Dialogue went well. We ran through a 'mock' warm up series. Both sides, two sets of each from the Half Moon without stopping. I was worried about the left side of Eagle getting mixed up lefts and rights but actually it flowed very well. Even though we are not worrying about timing I came in at 18 minutes. I've been told including pranayama the warm up is 25 minutes, on the floor by 53 minutes at the latest. I ran through cobra too. I'm really enjoying that one, you can get a lot of encouraging up lifting energy going.

Next week if I make one particular evening class there will be the opportunity to get up on the podium again. It's been well over a month since I've done that so I'm really eager to get another go in before I leave to combat those nerves!

Friday, September 2, 2011

I need some of these...

I've mentioned it a million times before that a major part of TT is sleep deprivation through late night lectures and movies. I truly would like to be very present in the lectures so I can figure out the hidden meanings behind them but I know it will be a battle of strengths to stay awake for the movies. I couldn't even keep my eyes open last night to watch a holiday show on the Maldives which I really wanted to see. I've heard the TT staff take great pleasure in waking up those who are caught sleeping and every measure is in place to make the room so uncomfortable you can't sleep, ie. freezing cold air con.

Solution. Maybe I need a pair of these beauties. I'm awake really!!

When it all gets too busy

Just as I'm going away things pick up in my day job. It's been super busy the month of August. Our franchise finished number one in the state for revenue made. Makes sense as we've been flat out busy, busy, busy. Sadly not a great deal of super creative work for me but I did have one solid project to get my teeth into. My freelance work quenches my creative thirst too. At least with the work coming in thick & fast it's a good sign there will be a job to come back to in November. Just means I'll have some major prepping to do with the lady who's covering me as I'll be leaving a few projects half way finished.

I saw these cute little stamps in a funky stationery shop here called Typo. They are very fitting with our current busy status. Have to be careful not to actually stamp anything that goes out to the clients. Just my personal job bags!!!

Only two weeks till I'll be making my assent into LA. Teaching training is so close now it's kinda surreal after all the preparation and build up!!