Sunday, September 25, 2011

Half Moon Delivery

Tuesday was the first day we started delivering the Half Moon posture to Bikram. I’d noticed on the right side of the stage there was a red cross then three tapped red lines going across the stage. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what these were for, ie. The cross was where we stand to deliver then move onto the lines to become the demo people. I’m sure I read somewhere on a blog that trainees line up on the right of the stage then go up to deliver.

Being a super keen person that I am I made sure I sat on an isle seat on the right hand side of the stage so I could leap up and get in line asap. As soon as the gates were open I was off. I ended up lining up (well sitting on the black waiting chairs) for nearly two hours till it was my turn.

Two of my new friends Lauren and Tiffany both rocked it. Tiff didn’t even get to finish the dialogue, Boss had heard enough to know she’d be a great teacher. They were both awesome. (& so were all my other new buddies, you know who you gals are!)

My turn came. I was kitted out in my shiny new Lulu tank and a pair of capris. What I considered a professional teaching outfit. I wanted to look and feel like a teacher. Boss chatted a little with me about his up coming trip to Australia in January. I smiled and nodded but didn’t say I wouldn’t be attending ;-)

Off I went. Those who have heard me deliver dialogue know I have my own unique style. I am very animated and pronunciate certain words. This actually had the crowd of 400 people laughing. I was a little scared by this, why are these people laughing at my best drill sergeant technique. Not to worry they were all cheering and clapping before I got to the end. What a feeling. I put 100% passion behind that delivery and it paid off. Boss smiled and said “I’m glad she made you all laugh.” Then said good. Phew. The girl after me stumbled a little and Boss told her it’s okay, it’s hard to follow a performance like hers, ie. me.

It was such a rush to be up there teaching. It felt so good. I am heading in the right direction. I was scared I would come across as OTT or not genuine. A lot of other people were told to cut the drama, stop acting, you’re not doing it for the right reason. Boss has a way of figuring you out in 10 seconds what you’re really like. I’m hoping from my feedback he knew I wasn’t acting and the energy was a true reflection of my character.

I had lots of nice feedback from other students and a few asked me to help them with their dialogue, that was nice. My karma yoga can be helping some of the others who aren’t as far ahead as me. I started yesterday by going through Standing Separate leg stretching with my roomie. We had a rare afternoon off so took advantage of the free time & pool area. I won’t let this first performance go to my head, with the impending sleep depravation, harder classes and stricter rules, dialogue delivery may well be more challenging. Some of the floor postures have already disappeared from memory…

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