Saturday, September 24, 2011

End of week 1

Every instructor that has gone through training says the same thing. You cannot describe it. The daily schedule is very structured. Two yoga classes a day, a mid morning lecture and an evening lecture or posture clinic or infamous movie. Even in the five days we have been here I have fallen into step. I love this. Just be here at this time, that time. Even when you are on time the schedule always runs late. We work on Indian time here! Also expect the unexpected.

I’m not gonna reveal the secrets of training. It’s copyrighted and the Big B has very good lawyers! I can describe to you what I have gone through this week.

My jet lag stuffed me up. I barely slept the first few days. I was wired, excited and running on that energy. 400 excited people whip up some awesome energy alone. The yoga room is amazing, HUGE and of course f&^%ing hot. Never, never will I ever complain that a studio is hot. You are soaking wet before you even stand up for the breathing. It’s been the least of my worries, the heat has not actually bothered me. In saying that no one is moaning about the heat really. Fatigue has been my dagger. That is what has brought me to my knees quite a lot this week. That & probably malnutrition!

People who have practiced with me in Joondy would be shocked. My cast iron determination and focus went to shit the first few classes. I was actually being my own worse nightmare, a fussy, fidgety mess in savasana, between postures and generally every chance I got. One class I was stuffing ice down my top and laying out small piles of ice around my towel to lie on!!!!! WTF! This is not me, this is also not normal practice. I have managed to pull it together the past day or so. I had one near normal practice with the Boss and one today. I’m not worried. I am taking all the advice and not killing myself early on. It is hard not too as the room is so hot I am finding kicking and stretching comes so much easier. People are dropping like flies. Big strong men being carried out of the room. There has been puking, lots of puking. No crying as yet. This is just the start.

Oh boy food. We are blessed to have a fridge but cooking in the room is illegal. I got round it ;-) I’ve been getting my protein in and some veg. I found an awesome water boiling thing that can cook veg really quick. I have no interest in food. Nothing at all interests me. I am ramming food down when I’m not hungry because I have to, there is barely an hour to change, eat & get out the door. Even if I did really crave something I have no time to get it. This weekend we have all decided it’s steak and pizza on the menu for sure!!!

So far so good. Today, Friday, I felt like death all day but as soon as evening class is done I am alive. I love this yoga! This has been the pattern. Wacked all day, tough morning class, then some jazzed in the evening. My muscles are sore but they are holding in there. My throat is getting sore, a few people have this. Probably best not to be sharing ice with people out of the same container any more? We have been blessed with the evening off. The Boss is out of town & there isn’t anything they can do with us as 200 people still need to deliver Half Moon.

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