Thursday, September 22, 2011


Time is so so short here in LA. There is barely enough time to blink an eye. I am snatching a quick five minutes whilst I dry off from my shower before I try and force some food down myself which I have no interest in eating. I cannot reveal the secrets of Yoga Boot Camp & I don't want to, hey you pay your 11k & get your butts down here & find out!!!! bahh haaaa.

It's all down to survival. I feel like Bear Grylls. Do anything to stay alive, stay hydrated, stay sane. Sanity has not been an issue for me as yet. Nothing has yet apart from serious sore muscles.

I am surviving thus far and I am loving every moment. I have stayed in the room, I have not puked but I have pulled back so far I'm on the verge of being called a lazy arse. Hey if it keeps me in the game it'll be worth it. My new friends are awesome, sweet and kind. It's amazing that being so busy and rushed leaves little time for anything else. You can switch off & tune out. I have not been outside into fresh air for three days. No time for air there are 1000 other more important things.

More at the weekend with my report of the first test: Half Moon delivery to Bikram. If you haven't seen on FB, I loved loved loved my 1 minute in the spot light!

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