Sunday, September 18, 2011

Here I am

Here I am in Los Angeles. My 27 epic hour flight was fine. My hamstrings were burning from Thursday morning's class the entire way, being cramped up in a tiny, tiny plane seat in cattle class did not help. I have no idea what time zone I'm on, all I know is my head is a cloud of fug.

Found fellow BYTTer NC at LAX so we could go to the hotel together. We are rooming for the two nights before my real roomie gets here on Sunday. It was a bit of a task as I was at terminal 1 and NC was at Terminal 3. I didn't realize LAX was so big! oppss. Australian mobile not working, good job have UK mobile as back up. We found each other, we found the free shuttle, we got to the Radisson. 

And so the drama begins. I had originally booked direct with the hotel as I unfortunately lacked confidence in HQ's organisation skills. I know, I know, they have been running these shows for many years but every year people still have issues. I had issues. I cancelled my direct booking and booked through HQ in a vain attempt to not have to move rooms. I had two emails from HQ confirming my arrival date and room mates. I get here and no booking. I have been booked in for Saturday not Friday. Lucky there is a room available but I have to pay. Again. I have already paid through HQ. Hey ho. I am knackered, I don't care, I will get the money back out of HQ at some point. 

Part two room drama. I am told this will be my room for the nine weeks ahead but I do need to come and check out and back in on Saturday. I do this to be told to shift out of my room with all my bags and check back in at 3pm. I have a car booked to take me and some other girlies shopping in the morning, leaving me 1 hour to pack up and shift out. JJ fellow BJY training buddy to the rescue. I dump all my stuff in her room across the hall. Go shopping, bring all my shopping back and dump it in JJ's room till 3pm.

Long, long line to check in at 3pm. People having same drama. I now have my room. It is on the 8th floor, yoga room on the 2nd. I will be travelling a lot of flights of stairs. I have a fridge though!!!! Some rooms do not. Trainee's are spread out all over the place. So much for all us us being on two floors.

Second drama happened out shopping. My shiny new, low charge ANZ travel card was declined. It worked yesterday. But not today. It worked in the ATM, there is loads of money on it. Just didn't like being used in Target. Embarrassing situation of putting things back and scraping together cash. Shopping trip nearly ruined as I'd left all my other cards at the hotel, I was out of cash. Lucky stupid card worked in the ATM outside Target so got cash and madly ran back in the re buy the stuff (all the essential food making stuff) I really needed.

Deep deep breaths. Now I will take spare bank card everywhere. Really hating the fact my new emergency credit card didn't turn up before I left. I may well need it if this thing happens again. 

Last thing. I broke my rose crystal. Forgot it was there when changing in the bathroom, it slipped out and smashed on tile floor. :-(

I am hoping this is all part of the mystical process that is sent to try us. All this happened and I still never shed a tear. Emotional blockage still there.

Got to talk to The Man tonight, yay! Happy happy happy. Also had lovely dinner at Manhattan beach with 5 beautiful ladies who are normal, sweet and entertaining. Friends for life, check!! Plus nice man at hotel bar gave NC & I free hot water to make tea in our room. Small gestures go a long long way on this journey. Thought I should end on a happy note.

It's 11:20pm, why am I awake. Hope I don't wake up at half past stupid, jet lag I will slay you sooner than later. 


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