Thursday, September 15, 2011

Off I go!!

So here I am at Perth International airport (free wi-fi whoot!) waiting to board my very, very long flight to LA via Dubai. Had a lovely last day at home, actually I wasn't really home all that much. 

Started my day with the 9:30am yoga class. Saying goodbye to a few friends and my mentor I was all jittery with excitement and nerves. I was given the most amazing opportunity which was to 'teach' which ever postures I liked in the real life class. I opted for Half Moon and Awkward, two sets both sides. I was loving it so much I quickly asked the instructor in charge if I could carry on and do Eagle. Eager nod and I was off. What a rush!!!!!!! I did stuff my right and lefts up a little, end of Eagle was a bit out of order but hey first go n all. So so awesome being able to get up there and teach real students for 20 whole minutes. Probably broke every rule in the Bikram rule book but hey, I loved it.

Only down side was when I finally got down off the podium I had missed warming myself up so was a little stupid to kick out in SH2K and quickly retreated. Despite that I was dripping in sweat. I'm gonna be the super sweaty teacher!

More good byes after class. Then lunch with my friend J who has been so kind in mixing me up Bach's flower remedies & potions. I was presented today with Melatonin and a rose quartz crystal. This is to carry round with my in the left side of my bra, close to my heart. It will give me super powers!! Except I nearly lost it when I had a shower as I forgot it was there and it dropped out on the bed room floor. Good news though, I don't feel it's there. Fully installed back in it's place now. Hope I don't get strip searched the other end. How do you explain a crystal shoved under one's boob?!!

Made it home to finish the epic task of packing. I managed to get it all in one bag can you believe. My hand luggage is stuffed full. So glad they didn't weigh it!! Anyway all my crap went in. Here's the half way photo. I have the finished photo but not down loaded it yet. It weighed in at 26kg, 4kg below my limit!!!! I'm hoping I'll wear out most of the yoga clothes and make room for some shopping trip goodies State side. Plus I won't be bringing the masses of supplements and yoga mat at back. 

So off I go people to join the circus also known as Bikram Yoga Teacher Training...

Believe it or not it all went in!

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  1. Best of luck!! Safe Travels and I hope it's everything you've hoped for!