Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sea breeze

One of the main things I'd like to get out this experience is to make lots of new international friends. I think it'll be easy to make friends here as we all love the yoga, instant connection. 

I was horribly knackered and grumpy tonight after my epic day. We'd made arrangements to meet up for dinner at 5pm and head over to Santa Monica. I just couldn't do it. I feel sad as my uni friend SB was out there and I was gonna meet her for a mojito. I caught her briefly at the airport yesterday so at least I saw her. I knew making plans outside the yoga bubble will never work. Plus the taxi would be $100 round trip up the coast. I cancelled. 

However all was not lost. A quick shower, a Starbucks, a change of clothes and I made it out with five lovely ladies for a trip down the road. 15 minutes and $5 later we were at Manhattan beach. A lot cleaner, funkier than I imagined it to be. It was great to be by the sea. Had dinner at The Kettle. I remembered it was mentioned in the Lonely Planet as a good, cheap eat. $17 for a HUGE bowl of chicken, veggie pasta, garlic bread and a massive side salad. I took my leftovers home in true American doggie bag style. I'm sure we will find cheaper but as it was my first proper meal since leaving Australia nearly three days ago.

Here we are on the beach, what a lovely bunch of Smiling happy faces!
BYTT Fall 2011

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  1. Hi chicklet, glad you made it there OK and hopefully have no more hotel issues!! LOVE American food portions, tee hee! Could do with one now, knackered from GNR yesterday, had a fab run though, best one so far I think for feeling comfy, 2hrs 14 mins woop woop. Boiling sun and then torrential rain. Made it to finish in time for Red Arrows, love 'em, but distracted me into not stretching, paying for it now ha ha! Sponsor page still open, link is
    Jealous of your beach pic!! Take care sweetpea and have lots of fun - make sure you look after her any other TT crazies reading this!!
    Lots of love xxxxxxx