Friday, September 2, 2011

When it all gets too busy

Just as I'm going away things pick up in my day job. It's been super busy the month of August. Our franchise finished number one in the state for revenue made. Makes sense as we've been flat out busy, busy, busy. Sadly not a great deal of super creative work for me but I did have one solid project to get my teeth into. My freelance work quenches my creative thirst too. At least with the work coming in thick & fast it's a good sign there will be a job to come back to in November. Just means I'll have some major prepping to do with the lady who's covering me as I'll be leaving a few projects half way finished.

I saw these cute little stamps in a funky stationery shop here called Typo. They are very fitting with our current busy status. Have to be careful not to actually stamp anything that goes out to the clients. Just my personal job bags!!!

Only two weeks till I'll be making my assent into LA. Teaching training is so close now it's kinda surreal after all the preparation and build up!!

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