Saturday, September 10, 2011

One week count down

One week to go till BYTT Fall 2011. Time has flown by. I've been kept very busy with last minute detail checks. Packing has commenced, just. There are still piles but some things have made it into the bag! I've checked my flight details & realized I'd not booked my seat yet. Of course all the good seats have gone now so I'm in the aisle from Perth to Dubai but snagged a window for Dubai to LA. I need to curl up and sleep for that one, it's 16 hours boo hoooo. 

I upped my practice back to four this week. I aimed for five but it didn't happen. My balance was all off after my break but I felt strong again. I had an awesome class on Tuesday night with Keira. I'm so close in Standing Head to Knee. So close. Balancing stick feels effortless now as well, how did that happen? I also held the whole of Standing Bow Pulling first set with my chin glued to my shoulder. I've been falling out very often in this. Is this the magical, mystical breakthroughs that happen after a 60 day challenge? Hoping so.

I've been let loose on reception now. Learning the ropes, checking students in, advising on which class pass is best for them. It's been fun. I've noticed some students seem to know who I am and address me on a first name basis which is great!!! But I have no idea who they are...oppps. I will learn. I only tried to keep one ladies credit card and nearly under changed someone else. So embarrassing when the customer says "I gave you a 20." Sorry colour blind/blonde moment got my blues and reds mixed up!!! Keeping up with ticking the stock sheets too is tricky. Definitely a multi tasking job.

I'm throwing a going away party tonight at the boat Harbour in Hillarys for JJ and I. Really looking forward to it. Got a mix of students, instructors, friends and The Man's family coming. No way have I ordered enough food but hey, there only snacky things, they might get round everyone. Gonna let my hair down & get my drink on baby!!!!! Before I morph into serious, detoxed, healthy eating no drinking, very focused on the task in hand Bikram Yoga teacher trainee.

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