Sunday, August 28, 2011


Packing. The essence of a trip away from home. Type A's like me have a ball or a stressful time with this one. I'm 50/50 (equal & simultaneous!) on the subject. I love making lists and checking off items as they've been packed. But I do stress I will forget things. I'm going to America, not the third world. When I travelled around the back lands of India I needed sterile needle kits and what not, I won't be needing such extensive cautionary items on this trip. My fully comp travel/medical insurance will make sure I get all the best things Western medicine can offer if I need & I know it'll be sterile.

So I have made a list. Two lists actually. One for packing, one for buying in LA. My roomie & I have already discussed what food making equipment we'll be needing and are splitting the cost. There is a lot I can buy in LA but I'd like a little of what I know for when I get there.

Clothes. I'm taking all my yoga outfits and some new one's. I'm going to try and keep the new/good stuff for posture clinics or towards the end. Wear out and bin the old stuff first. Causal clothes. I've listed loads but again I'd rather have things I like and are from home, bit of comfort. If these wear out, they will be binned and replaced. I'm not taking a graduation dress. That will be a BIG adventure weekend towards the end of TT. My treat, I get to buy a new dress in LA. Plus who knows my shape might have changed drastically and one I take might not fit.

Here's my list. It's very personal to me & I know what the abbreviations mean, I thought I'd post it to give any other trainees something to start from. I didn't know how to upload a PDF so you'll just have to read it here as a jpg:
Things to buy in LA

Thing to pack in luggage


Saturday, August 27, 2011

60 Day's done!

Wednesday 24th August 2011 saw the end of my 60 day challenge. I did it. I made it across the finish line. The only way out was through and here I am on the other side. I will put my hand up and say it was a challenge. As I've written over the past 9 weeks I struggled, I flew, I was down, I was up, I was over it and I loved it. Now I can tuck this experience into my Groove shorts pocket and smile. It takes over your life, it's all you think about. I count the glasses of water I drink daily like a religion, I am aware of the amount of dehydrating drinks I have, I watch the clock for the cut of point that I have to have a snack by, I have minor panics that I've forgotten to pack my bag properly & have to spend the day commando! Now I can chill...

I was surrounded by friends to finish at the 6pm class. They turned up to support me over the last hurdle and I really appreciated it. Monday and Tuesday nights classes were rough. I accidently sabotaged myself both days with bad food choices and guzzling down my supplements ten minutes before class with so little water one capsule stuck in my throat. Don't you just hate that! Not the best to be finishing up on but Wednesday someone must have been channeling some extra energy my way as it was awesome. 

To be honest I ideally should have started this a few weeks earlier but I couldn't because of my UK trip. However doing this so close to TT and learning dialogue under the pressures of everyday life will, I'm hoping, have set me up the the next challenge of TT. I am aware my practice will get horrible and there will be nothing I can do about it. I need to accept it and not stress about it.

I've crammed a lot of dialogue in over the past four months. It's not 100% perfect verbatim every time I say it but it's in there somewhere. I know when I slip up or at the end I remember 'oh I forgot that bit.' Or today I totally rephrased one line in Tree pose out of no where. What's the fun of it being solid and concrete I need to do some work at TT!

Just under three weeks to go till I head off. I've taken three full days off yoga, soon to be a fourth. I was getting itchy and wanting to return again tomorrow but as my mentor told me today, REST. In LA there will be no choice you have to go to yoga so for the next few weeks I have the choice & I will lay down on my back and relax completely...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weighty issues

It's been a hot topic of conversation on the FB page with the ladies. Weight. TT does crazy things to the body. Your eating on the run, you don't have a full kitchen or time to cook properly, let alone a decent sized fridge. For me I'll be in a strange country with food brands and supermarkets that are alien to me. It's not the third world, I'm sure I'll find the equivalent brands/foods I get here. I won't starve. 

Anyway, it's a fact most people put on weight at TT. However no one has actually said how many dress sizes they grew, unless I missed it. Our Spring TT graduate came back looking lean, toned and amazing. (I didn't know her before but still she looks good now) You can put on 10kg of lean muscle and drop a dress size. Lean muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less room. 

I am a typical girl I freak out if the scales go up. This past two months I've stayed away from the scales. I know I've not been eating great as I'm tired so have been craving sugar and carbs. I did get on the scales 'just to see' the other day. Oh crap, I have put ON 2kg. BUT my clothes still fit, my jeans even feel a little slack. My pants are well saggy on the bum. My buddha belly is there, I store cortisol (stress hormone) in my stomach area. Hopefully as I chill out this will go. I'm probably bloated too from all the water I'm drinking.

So, 2 kg of lean muscle, I hope! If it was 2kg of pure lard surely I'd have grown out my clothes? The back fat that was oozing out my yoga tops seems to have shrunk. I even think one top is a touch looser. The girls are still there, I hate it when you lose weight and your boobs shrink. There is new day light between my thighs in two places. No longer do my thighs touch from crotch to knee, blooming horse riders thighs.

I will try my very best, as I've said before, not to eat crap at TT by using the excuse I need the fuel. I will need the fuel but healthy, good nutritious food, lots of that and less of the crap. I am going to contact, before I go, an excellent life/nutrition coach Kat Eden, whom I took a lecture with last year. We talked a lot about cravings and if you crave a certain type of food it does mean you are lacking in some vital nutrition. I need to get it clear that if I'm craving chocolates what do I actually need to have which is not chocolate. Kat did tell us pure, organic dark Cocoa will hit the spot here but I've forgotten (should have it written down somewhere) what the sugar craving can be hit with instead of sugar. I remember that if I'm craving chips I need salt, kinda obvious. 

Kat is a HUGE protein girl who doesn't believe that we need whole grains. Her before and after pictures are a testimonial to this. She apologizes for putting people on tuna salad and brown rice diets. She also advises against loads of cardio. A little is good for a strong heart but weight bearing exercise is the way to a leaner bod and strong bones. Us Bikramers get worked out all over, inside out, bones to skin, finger tips to toes so that's cool. (but we should do a weights work out too twice a week) 

She gave us some great advice to EAT before the 5:45am class. But only a tiny amount of pure protein. Half an egg, cold good quality, organic meat but only a mouthful or good quality organic nut butter. Eggs didn't work for me, even my home grown free range eggs. Meat and nut spread did. I had energy for the class without feeling sick. As long as I had it an hour before, easy with my 25 minute journey to the studio. I'll be taking this with me to TT as I'm planning on sleeping as long as possible before the 8:30am class. A few teaspoons of nut spread and possibly a protein shake will be the go.

It'll be a challenge to stay healthy in LA. I will try. I will not give in, despite how social, to eat crap. Weekends, well that will be a treat. 80% good, 20% dirty. Heck I've heard so much about chuffing red velvet cup cakes from Sprinkles I'm gonna have one. Mmmm and breakfasts at Mel's/Denny's diners I remember dearly from my last trip to California! Oww Hooters chicken wings. OMG stop me now!!

Lifted mood

I have just finished week 8 of the 60 day challenge. Home stretch, only 6 classes to go till I've completed the 51 classes in 60 days. This past week has felt like a cloud of fog has cleared. My roomie and I have both been dealing with some crazy stuff emotionally but I can see we on back on track. I am no longer angry. I've realised what emotions have been stirred up through my practice resonates in anger. Some people cry, I get mad baby!! I am an Aries after all, fire all the way.

I am sore now. I ache. I wake up with headaches despite drinking my own body weight in water. My muscles shake madly in Awkward, I fall out of the balancing series, I can barely lift my legs/body off the floor, my legs do not look like a perfect upside down L like Linda but who cares. I'm there, I'm present and I love this yoga.

I had probably the best class of the challenge on Tuesday night. It beat the socks off my last best class. We have a new visiting instructor from the States with whom I seemed to click with straight away. I like her style, she teaches an energising class to everyone as well as shooting out corrections and tips without blinking an eye. She's on it, she's on the whole room. You can not hide! You don't want to hide, her corrections are so encouraging and nice. Not that our usual teachers aren't nice but she makes you feel so relaxed without feeling bad you were doing it wrong.

I managed to skip out of work early and make the 5:30pm. My friend was finishing her 60 day so I wanted to be there. Tuesday is usually my Scarborough day so I missed out this week. Great class to finish on. DM rocked the front row and finished on a high. 

I received a lot of help in this class. I am flagging, I am tired so the encouragement really was appreciated. I've fallen into bad habits. Often if a lot of energy is directed on one student it can build the ego and take away the group energy. This didn't happen I feel. It made me stronger yes but the group was still working together. I have no ego right now anyway. A little help and high fives boosted my crumbled confidence. I needed a pick me up & I got it, I am very grateful. I busted out a nearly full expression of Sh2k. My toes flexed back toward my face effortlessly with both knees a locking, my hamstrings forgot they were tight, my standing leg was solid, concrete,one piece, lamp post, unbroken!

After class I was glowing. I felt awesome. I had a quick chat with the instructor who offered her time to chat about TT stuff if I needed. She also picked up on something that no one else has confronted me on. She asked if I worry when my practice is not spot on. She could tell I do. Probably as I scowl at myself or look annoyed when a posture isn't going well. I do have a strong practice (or else my director wouldn't be sending me to TT) but I'm no rock star. I do worry I'll stand out at TT for being a newbie who hasn't had years and years of practice under her shorts, just 15 months worth. It doesn't matter. I was told as long as I love the yoga, I want to be there and try to my best ability it'll be fine. And it will! 

I do love this yoga or why else would I have learned up to Wind removing pose!! (okay ego is back for this one but only coz I've put in the hard yards & studied my butt off this past 12 wks!) You get out of something what you put in. There's no free meal tickets for this one.

More stuff

Just to let you all know, I have 30kg luggage allowance. When I went to the UK just I had the same but came in at 21kg. Therefore I know clothes wise I'll be okay as I'll be taking less than the UK trip so I have room for more stuff!!

Over the past few months I've been squirreling away bits and pieces I've seen, usually on special, that I think will be useful for TT. I've been chucking it in a bag in my spare room cupboard. Today I got it out to have look. Wow, there's a nice stash there now. I've got:
  • a lot of pain medication/deep heat gel (I know can buy in LA but a few packets on hand for arrival will be nice)
  • electric toothbrush heads (I solemnly swore to my hygienist I would keep up her routine whilst away) oww need floss heads for my floss stick!
  • new padlock approved by USA customs
  • plug adapters
  • hair ties
  • lady products (on special/like the brand)
  • a pencil case (wow I'm ten yrs old again who has pencil cases over the age of 16?)
  • handy tissue packs for hand luggage
  • sun screen (UK bought really nice non greasy, doesn't stain/cack up clothes, knows it works) 
  • and a tea towel. 
I know why the hell did I get this last one. Must have been on special and I'm bound to forget to buy one when I get there. Just thought it would be useful to dry up the plastic plate, glass, cup, kitchen prep stuff that will be bought State side. Hmmm yeah maybe tea towel can stay home, if I'm getting all the above surely when I buy dish washing liquid I'll remember the towel! 

My stash of stuff!

Back to school

Getting ready for Teacher training is a bit like getting ready to go back to school for a new school year. There's supplies you need to get that you might not have or need renewing as they are old and tatty. 

We'll be spending a lot of hours sitting on our arse's listening to lectures. Some people might just sit there and listen (or sleep!), others will be scribbling away taking pages and pages of notes. I will a note taker. (girly swot) No doubt if I don't take notes I'll have forgotten by the next morning what was said. Also I've paid a lot of money for this course and I'd like a lasting reminder of the wisdom and knowledge we'll spend hours listening to. I'm hoping what we'll learn will be forever useful so I'm taking notes. 

What a great excuse to get down Officeworks and stock up! I love stationery, pretty colours and shiny covers. I splashed out on some biodegradable biros too. Gotta do our bit for the environment. I have two note pads (Anatomy, Bikram/ general stuff), a slim small pad for shopping lists/roomie notes, journal, highlighters and pens. I know, I know, I can get this crap in LA but I'll have more important things to shop for when I get there, like food and appliances. The less I buy there might mean more for me to hike over in my luggage but less for me to haul back to the hotel in taxis or buses. Plus if I buy these here they are fully tax deductible as 'home office' supplies.


Muscles need magnesium so I've been told many times. It helps relieves cramps and restore tight, over worked muscles. I've posted about this product before but it is one supplement that really works for me. Ultra muscleze is on top of my packing list. I'm taking two kinds with me. The regular which I usually take at night to help me sleep and the energy. I won't need any help falling asleep in LA but who knows. I'll have major jet legged so I might just need something extra to calm me down and knock me out whilst working on my knackered muscles. I can definitely see the Energy version coming in very handy. It is an over the counter product here in Australia and I have no idea where to get it in the States so I'm packing it. At this rate I'll have a bag full of supplements and not much else.

Scabby hooves

Well this post might be a bit gross to some but it's a reality of spending a lot of time bare foot in a moist room. Scabby feet. I've read a lot that people's feet get real skanky at TT. Being in a room that big twice a day with wet carpet that might not get vacuumed all that often, if ever, is a hot bed (excuse the pun) for foot infections. Those scabby hobit feet will be in everyone's faces everyday as we'll be all jammed in close. GROSS!!!

I therefore will be taking every measure not to have revolting feet. At the moment I'm very slack at my foot care (apart from pretty nails, I make the effort tehre), despite my Mum sending me oodles of foot creams, lotions, scrubs and tonics. I will taking some of these scrubs to TT and making an effort to use them. I'll also be taking these two products. I know I can probably get them in LA but they don't exactly take up that much room and one less thing to go hunting and gathering for in a strange city/country. Also will LA have Australia's #1 Cracked Heel balm?

Sunday, August 14, 2011


A big part of TT is being kept awake to the wee hours watching Bollywood movies. Mainly the epic tv version of the Mahabharata. I like Bollywood, the colour, the dancing, the bad acting. 

When I was back packing through India in 2004 I was picked up in the infamous Leopold's Cafe in Mumbai to do a little extra work. It wasn't a movie but a Hindi sitcom called, 'Life out of control.' Based around a family running an Indian restaurant in London. I had no idea what was going on as it was all in Hindi. I got paid about $20 a day for a two day stint in which I played a nurse during a comedy electric shock treatment (BAD costume, photo sadly lost forever) and then a patron of the restaurant along with a motley bunch of other backpackers. It was a great experience and I made some new friends to hang around and explore with on my final leg of my Indian journey.

The other night whilst flicking through Foxtel I cam across a BW movie Salaam Namaste. The only BW movie to be filmed in Australia. I settled in and enjoyed the show. Hilarious. OTT bad acting, a few token random dance routines and a search for Ben and Jerry's ice cream at 1am in the morning. The funniest thing is that it was also in Hindi, with sub titles but with the odd English line chucked in for good measure.

I hope the movies we get to watch are as entertaining as this one.

Side note: If you watch a movie in India (I saw Spider Man and the Bourne Ultimatum staring Palolem Beach, Goa) it is a totally different experience. Everyone stands and sings the national anthem before the movie starts. The audience cheers and whoops at any opportunity, fight scenes, kisses, car chases. Totally wouldn't get that here in the West, you'd be shhhhhh'ed. It's cool, only in India experience.

Bikram babies

I was talking with a fellow regular student the other day about how pregnancy and Bikram yoga. She'd talked with Jo about being able to carry on her practice when the time comes that she'll be pregnant. Last year one of the Scarborough students successfully carried on her practice through her pregnancy. I witnessed first hand BY Leicester's director, Libby, practicing in her 8th month. She even went a week over due in which she still carried on her practice. Bikram's wife Rajashree developed the Bikram pregnancy series available on DVD.

There are rules for pregnancy Bikram and mother's to be need to be advised properly by qualified instructors, not me. Jen, Bikram Yoga Perth's director, is expecting her fist child this year and has dedicated her blog to the subject. So who better to advise the expecting but a senior expecting instructor! Take a look here...

Close to the end

Less than two weeks till I finish the challenge. I know I wasn't going to count but it's close to the end so did a count. I had a quick scan of the challenge board yesterday and I could see a lot of people hit the same road block in weeks 6/7 as I did. Their ticks stopped as they pulled out the challenge. A few people I know have gotten sick. This is normal, with the intensity of the challenge and the natural detoxing effect of the series it often comes on in flu/cold type symptoms. It's winter here too, sickness season. Others, like me, real life just caught up with them. At least they tried, they gave it a go, that can be commended. 

My outlook shifted dramatically last week. I went from angry to normal and chilled out in a day. I can't say I had a great revelation or anything, I just sucked it up and put up. 

I even did a double yesterday, Saturday. Madness I know. Even BYSB's director was a bit alarmed when I told him afterward. Everyone is worried we'll burn out before training. So I am. However I set some rules yesterday before I committed. If I had a good morning class and didn't kill myself but tried hard I'd do a double. If I came out the 9:30am feeling wacked and woozy I would not do the 2pm. I came out feeling good. I took a huge savasana, nearly ten minutes. I had nothing to do that day but concentrate on yoga so the conditions were all right. I'd had nine hours solid sleep, a good breakfast and a clear head.

We had a great posture clinic with our directors Mum who helped us with our verbatim. I delivered the whole of the standing series straight up from the top. One side, one set of each posture. Took about 25/30 minutes. JJ did a stellar effort of being a great body demo. I was a crap one, I feel bad, I kept falling and coming out early. JJ is only two behind, she'll be on Tree next week. Go team BJY!!

I had a full hour and a half before the next class. I headed down the Scarborough studio with my esky packed with snacks and water. Sat on the beach, took in some sea air and scanned my dialogue over. There are a few set ups I'm mixing up between the postures. Mainly the feet on the line or at the line bits. I'm tending to say the same 'feet together nicely toes and heels touching' through out. This is not a worry, at TT just before I go up to present I'll make sure I do a final check to make sure I get it right. The 'meat' of the posture is juicy and solid just the bread either side is a bit soggy in parts!

Second class went well. No one was on the front row, hardly anyone on the second. Everyone, including me were squished up on row 3/4. It was good practice for me to be aware of my neighbors being so close. 'You can touch your neighbor but no feeling!' 

The point of my double madness. I can take today, Sunday, off. I'm staying at home, resting, catching up on personal admin, getting some well deserved me time at home. I may not even get dressed today. The Man is cooking a roast for lunch and we'll kick back and do normal Sunday stuff without me having to dash off to yoga.


You probably all know this has been a rough two weeks on the emotional roller coaster of the 60 Day challenge for me. I now have come to accept this is totally normal and part of the 'process.' With a total shift in my mind set I am feeling totally centred again now. All those hours wasted on being angry has left me right where I should be. Normal again. So really they weren't wasted hours, they were needed hours that now has made me realise I'm on the right track. 

There's nothing nicer when your feeling down to receive a little pick me up. Out of the blue this week I have been extremely grateful to be on the receiving end of other people's kindness. I'm not alone, people out there understand and know just what to do to get me back on the horse. 

The first act of kindness came from my yoga buddy J who has just completed a course in Reiki healing and Bach flower remedies. I had a mini healing session on my right knee that has been playing up a bit of late. I've not felt a twinge or niggle since! I was also given a special Bach potion to help combat my crazy emotions. It contains:
  • Rockwater - self repression, denial, uptightness
  • Gentian - Discouragement and despondency
  • Olive - Complete exhaustion, positiveness
  • Hornbeam - Monday morning feeling
I've had Monday morning feeling for the past two weeks! It took a lot of self control not to down the whole vile in one slug. I like alternative remedies and have been taking my drops as prescribed. I do believe it's helped me feel better.

Monday I was presented with a carton of Beyond coconut water from my studio director. This will hopefully keep me alive for the next two weeks. Mixed with the protein powder J also gave me it makes a great pre yoga snack before evening classes. 

Friday saw my five year anniversary with The Man. He surprised me at work with a delivery of 12 long stemmed pink roses, Moet and chocolates. WOW! Lucky girl. He's never done anything like this so being out the blue made it so much more special. I'll save the champagne for after the challenge when we'll hopefully get out of town for the night for some quality time before I jet off to LA.

Saturday my TT training buddy JJ (so many J friends I have!) gave me some home baked green tea cake and yummy sticky sesame snap like treats. She loves baking and gifting people with these tasty snacks. Such kindness. I'll be taking a lot of our eggs in next week for everyone. 

We both also were given  BYJ yoga mat for TT. It's been a hot topic of debate yoga mat's. I was planning on getting another Jade mat which is light weight and dries quick. Knowing full well it will be a stinky health hazard by the end of training and will be binned. Jade's cost $70, that's a lot. No worries we have our trusty bright red team BYJ mat's to see us through. It's cool we'll have a little piece of our home studio with us at training. I will just have to make sure it gets sprayed often with tee tree oil and water, or any antibac spray I can find in LA.

BYJ Yoga mat, tasty treats & Beyond

Roses and Champagne

Roses arranged at home

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UK riots

What is happening over in the UK? I've been shocked to see the violence and looting escalate out of control over the past few days. It's now spread outside of London to other major cities. Manchester, Leicester and Birmingham are rioting. I hope Sheffield does not join in too. The reason why this is going on is now a blur. 

It's very worrying and shocking to see my country of origin being battered and blown up by mindless thugs who seem to want a new pair of trainers and a flat screen. 

Here's me whining about a meager 60 day challenge and how tired I am, whilst people at home have lost everything and living in fear. I've checked in with my friends. Some are close to the danger but are being vigilant. Where's Bat Man when you need him?

It saddens me. All my friends and family are in the UK. I have three pregnant friends in London and many, many more friends there too who I'm worried about. I really hope the British Government gets there act together soon. The West Australian is full of stories of fellow Aussies that have been caught up in the attacks too. My bosses family friends daughter saw her flat in Hackney burn to the ground. She'd only been in London six months and now has lost everything. 

What is the world coming too? I'm thinking of you all over in the UK, stay safe and I really hope this craziness comes to an end soon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What is going on with me!?!

I really don't have time to be blogging but I need a release. This is my coffee break, especially as I did have a coffee today from the next door espresso bar which is usually really nice and it was crap. I rarely drink coffee and this is why. It can be so hit and miss. The milk tasted too sweet and the beans tasted charred. I'm sad my colleague wasted his money buying this round.

Anyway slight side track there. As you know I've been seriously all over the place the last two weeks. I have been told so many times this is part of that great ol' process of a 60 Day Challenge. We had an amazing, eye opening seminar on the emotional side of Bikram yoga on Saturday. It deserves a whole post so I won't go into too much now. It opened my eyes as I ticked the boxes as to where I was tight and holding tension was linked directly with how I'm feeling right now.

I started having twice weekly massage treatments on my shoulders to combat the frozen muscles I have from my desk job. This progressed to seeing a physio and having acupuncture. It's worked, I feel less tight. However I learned on Saturday there is a lot more to my shoulder issue emotionally. I have too much on my plate. Instead of saying no to people I say yes as I know at some point I will get it done. I'm not putting myself first. Maybe it's guilt for skipping off for 9 weeks of me time in LA but I'm trying to please everyone first and I'm missing out because of it.

I went home last night and announced to The Man I'm pulling out the challenge. He actually laughed at me, he found it hilarious. "But it's your challenge" he said. I know that's the problem it was bigged up at the studio that I was doing a challenge to prepare for TT. I'd much rather have not had this pressure on me but did I speak, I even made the f*cking posters! So now I want to stop I'll be letting everyone down. What I did realise is that it is MY challenge for me. I've lost sight of that. I feel I'm doing it for everyone but me. Nothing in this world will prepare me for TT, apart from learning the whole dialogue before I go. So it wouldn't be too bad to quit now. I have 18 days left, 15 classes, "f*ck all" as The Man would say. 

I woke up this morning fully prepared not to go to yoga tonight. By chance I checked my email first thing as I was on my Mac anyway for some files. I received a very comforting mail from my roomie. It was just what I needed. I do have a billion things on my plate right now but that is part of the challenge. I packed my bag, I gathered my electrolytes, I even mixed up a protein & coconut water shake for later (the thought of the sickly sweetness is making me feel nauseous already but I'll give it a go) Least I'm going to Scarbs tonight so I will be kinda anonymous. I say this I as I totally feeling bad for snapping a fellow BYJ students head off on Sunday when she asked me how my challenge was going. I just want to do my practice tonight and not answer any questions. I'm grateful people are interested in my journey but for today I want to be just another student, which I am.

I just swallowed my teaspoon of cement and I'm "sucking it up Princess!" I will go into the room tonight and practice like it was my first class, no expectations, a brand new day, clean slate, start again. There will be no count downs till day 60 now, I am just doing what I do and what I love. Me first, what I want to do.

Apologies for the F bombs :-)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Don't wear green

For those who have done their research it is a well known fact you must not wear or bring anything which is green to BYTT. No mats, clothes, towels, bags and possibly notebooks, anything in this colour. The reason is very personal to Bikram and green in his culture is a symbol of bad luck. He'll tell the story and explain his reasoning at BYTT. I won't tell it here as it's no my story to tell. Anyway the rule is NO GREEN.

I respect this, I don't have any green clothes anyway. Apart from one pair of shorts with a small splash on it. On the FB discussion of this topic it was decided even this small splash is not good, leave them at home. Being a cheeky bugger, I wanted to get it clear that there are a lot of variations of the colour green. Maybe I need my Pantone book as reference just to make sure I don't get caught with any colours that may be classed as green. Here's the photo I posted last week....all in good humor of course, no offense should be taken I was just trying the lighten the mood as some vagina's were getting sandy on the subject. Bahhh haaa haaaa!

What is my Tiffany blue wall actually verging on green?!

Japense Ham Sandwich

One of the unique phrases in the Bikram series appears in Pada-Hasthasana or Hands to Feet pose. Your told fold your body in half, stretching from your lower spine toward the floor, no gap between you body and your legs so from the side you look like a 'Japanese Ham Sandwich.' What the heck is a Japanese Ham Sandwich? No real answer there on that one. Mon from "Don't Sweat it" blog found a real life Japanese Ham Sandwich in Japan. Here it is.....

Japanese Ham Sandwich in Japan!

Where's my mojo?

Week 6 of the 60 day challenge, day 40. Woww wee what a roller coaster this has been. I feel I'm done with it. I have too much going on in my life, the long days are catching up with me. This is all normal, it's part of the process. I won't quit, even though all I want is to rest & not burn out before TT. I'm still loving my practice I just wish that is all I could focus on. If everyday was a Sunday it would be great. I'm so ready for LA right now. I just want to get there and submerge myself in yoga and not worry about or do anything but yoga.

I've been talking with a good yoga friend who did the 60 last year. I know everyone if different but it's nice to hear other people experienced the same road blocks. Where as she was emotional at this point and just wanted to cry, I am angry and frustrated. I'm hating on things I shouldn't be letting bother me. I want to drop F bombs into my sentences on a regular basis, anger and foul language go hand in hand for me.

My cracks are starting to show, word has it I'm looking tired. Tuesday night the studio at Scarbs was rammed banged busy. One lovely spot right on the back row by the door was there for me. Just what I needed. Alas newbies arrived late and I jumped up and ushered them into my spot. I then matted down in the front row in the only available space. Bugger me, it ended up being right next to the studio director. This ended up being a good thing as it carried me through the class. I let my expectations go that I was gonna be lazy but I wasn't gonna kill myself either. We also had a brand new instructor who was lovely (despite a 3 hr half moon) and I wanted to make a good impression. Turned out I needed that class more than ever. I had my day off on Wednesday and didn't practice till Thursday night, technically 48 hours of rest to recharge me. 

Despite my reservations about doing evening classes and not being home at night I have done two weeks of nights. It's only short term. It's just something I need to do now, the extra hour in bed in the morning is just what I need right now. The morning classes lack energy, heat & numbers, it's draining. I feel bad that I should be spending more time at home as I'll be transatlantic for 9 weeks. On the other hand maybe taking that step back now will make the separation easier???!! (I wish) But I don't want to drift away completely. Oh the swings and roundabouts of life. 

Let's see what next week brings. Dialogue wise I'm doing blooming brilliant. Finished tree today, onto Toe Stand....


Over the past few months I have been given a plethora advice regarding BYTT. It's been awesome, most parts of it. Sometimes I feel overloaded & have no idea who to listen to. Obviously everyone giving the advice has been through TT themselves. Everyone is different and no two experiences will be the same. 

I was very grateful to get five minutes with a super senior teacher from HQ who is close to Bikram. I took her class in February and I felt she was someone worth listening to. (not that everyone else in my yoga circle isn't, just this lady had a special edge to her) The best advice she gave me was that nothing can prepare you for TT. Just go there, do it and trust that process. The second golden nugget was I should try to take a class with Bikram at HQ with his own students. He apparently teaches very different at TT (we know this already) to at home. By taking a home class we will see the true Bikram, probably how we imagine him to be, not masked in show boating. Sadly I'm doubting I will get this experience. When I arrive in LA, Bikram will be in Seattle for a seminar. 

The main gist of our conversation was down to well being. I was told don't do anything crazy with my diet. Stick to what I do now and what I know works for me. Others might go on crazy diets/detox's, start eating stuff they don't usually eat because it's cheap & easy (ie. I don't eat burgers and chips so I won't be joining the In n Out Burger parties). This will mess you up if your not used to it. I've heard people mention at TT you told to eat meat. I can see why as I'm a big believer in protein and exercise but if you've been vego most of your life that is crap advise as your body will have no idea how to process it. Meat does take a while to digest. I didn't eat meat for 8 years and when I started again I did have some gut issues. Admittedly I feel better for being back on the flesh but I often have vego days to keep it clean. This instructor actually said she goes vego on her practice days as that works for her. It's clean food that is easily digested and nourishing. Again, like me if your a meatasuarus you'll need your meat if that's where you strength is coming from.

Water and himalayan salts as well as a well balanced, clean, fresh diet is all you need to survive. I was told not to go OTT on supplements, powders and potions. Get what I need from my food. I have my electrolytes sorted, I know what's good for me now so I'll carry that on at TT. I was warned don't drink too much water too quick, it'll just flush out your kidneys and wash all the nutrients out with it. Stay hydrated and replace what you loose but if your drinking so much your peeing every five minutes that is counter productive. 

Lastly, and most important, HAVE FUN!!!! Enjoy it, don't spend 9 weeks on a hater. Embrace the challenge. Stay away from the drama, DO NOT get involved in the politics, pay attention in the lectures and learn your dialogue. Thank you for listening....