Sunday, August 14, 2011


You probably all know this has been a rough two weeks on the emotional roller coaster of the 60 Day challenge for me. I now have come to accept this is totally normal and part of the 'process.' With a total shift in my mind set I am feeling totally centred again now. All those hours wasted on being angry has left me right where I should be. Normal again. So really they weren't wasted hours, they were needed hours that now has made me realise I'm on the right track. 

There's nothing nicer when your feeling down to receive a little pick me up. Out of the blue this week I have been extremely grateful to be on the receiving end of other people's kindness. I'm not alone, people out there understand and know just what to do to get me back on the horse. 

The first act of kindness came from my yoga buddy J who has just completed a course in Reiki healing and Bach flower remedies. I had a mini healing session on my right knee that has been playing up a bit of late. I've not felt a twinge or niggle since! I was also given a special Bach potion to help combat my crazy emotions. It contains:
  • Rockwater - self repression, denial, uptightness
  • Gentian - Discouragement and despondency
  • Olive - Complete exhaustion, positiveness
  • Hornbeam - Monday morning feeling
I've had Monday morning feeling for the past two weeks! It took a lot of self control not to down the whole vile in one slug. I like alternative remedies and have been taking my drops as prescribed. I do believe it's helped me feel better.

Monday I was presented with a carton of Beyond coconut water from my studio director. This will hopefully keep me alive for the next two weeks. Mixed with the protein powder J also gave me it makes a great pre yoga snack before evening classes. 

Friday saw my five year anniversary with The Man. He surprised me at work with a delivery of 12 long stemmed pink roses, Moet and chocolates. WOW! Lucky girl. He's never done anything like this so being out the blue made it so much more special. I'll save the champagne for after the challenge when we'll hopefully get out of town for the night for some quality time before I jet off to LA.

Saturday my TT training buddy JJ (so many J friends I have!) gave me some home baked green tea cake and yummy sticky sesame snap like treats. She loves baking and gifting people with these tasty snacks. Such kindness. I'll be taking a lot of our eggs in next week for everyone. 

We both also were given  BYJ yoga mat for TT. It's been a hot topic of debate yoga mat's. I was planning on getting another Jade mat which is light weight and dries quick. Knowing full well it will be a stinky health hazard by the end of training and will be binned. Jade's cost $70, that's a lot. No worries we have our trusty bright red team BYJ mat's to see us through. It's cool we'll have a little piece of our home studio with us at training. I will just have to make sure it gets sprayed often with tee tree oil and water, or any antibac spray I can find in LA.

BYJ Yoga mat, tasty treats & Beyond

Roses and Champagne

Roses arranged at home

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