Saturday, August 27, 2011

60 Day's done!

Wednesday 24th August 2011 saw the end of my 60 day challenge. I did it. I made it across the finish line. The only way out was through and here I am on the other side. I will put my hand up and say it was a challenge. As I've written over the past 9 weeks I struggled, I flew, I was down, I was up, I was over it and I loved it. Now I can tuck this experience into my Groove shorts pocket and smile. It takes over your life, it's all you think about. I count the glasses of water I drink daily like a religion, I am aware of the amount of dehydrating drinks I have, I watch the clock for the cut of point that I have to have a snack by, I have minor panics that I've forgotten to pack my bag properly & have to spend the day commando! Now I can chill...

I was surrounded by friends to finish at the 6pm class. They turned up to support me over the last hurdle and I really appreciated it. Monday and Tuesday nights classes were rough. I accidently sabotaged myself both days with bad food choices and guzzling down my supplements ten minutes before class with so little water one capsule stuck in my throat. Don't you just hate that! Not the best to be finishing up on but Wednesday someone must have been channeling some extra energy my way as it was awesome. 

To be honest I ideally should have started this a few weeks earlier but I couldn't because of my UK trip. However doing this so close to TT and learning dialogue under the pressures of everyday life will, I'm hoping, have set me up the the next challenge of TT. I am aware my practice will get horrible and there will be nothing I can do about it. I need to accept it and not stress about it.

I've crammed a lot of dialogue in over the past four months. It's not 100% perfect verbatim every time I say it but it's in there somewhere. I know when I slip up or at the end I remember 'oh I forgot that bit.' Or today I totally rephrased one line in Tree pose out of no where. What's the fun of it being solid and concrete I need to do some work at TT!

Just under three weeks to go till I head off. I've taken three full days off yoga, soon to be a fourth. I was getting itchy and wanting to return again tomorrow but as my mentor told me today, REST. In LA there will be no choice you have to go to yoga so for the next few weeks I have the choice & I will lay down on my back and relax completely...


  1. Congrats on finishing the challenge!!!

  2. Congratulations on finishing 60 days! I completely agree with in that it does take over your life; it just becomes so routine.

  3. Thanks Lisa & Mark. I agree the aim is to get you in a routine of regular practice for sure. At least now back in the real world I don't have to turn down invites or change my plans around yoga, if I miss an extra class here or there it's cool, won't have to double up to make my tick box!