Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scabby hooves

Well this post might be a bit gross to some but it's a reality of spending a lot of time bare foot in a moist room. Scabby feet. I've read a lot that people's feet get real skanky at TT. Being in a room that big twice a day with wet carpet that might not get vacuumed all that often, if ever, is a hot bed (excuse the pun) for foot infections. Those scabby hobit feet will be in everyone's faces everyday as we'll be all jammed in close. GROSS!!!

I therefore will be taking every measure not to have revolting feet. At the moment I'm very slack at my foot care (apart from pretty nails, I make the effort tehre), despite my Mum sending me oodles of foot creams, lotions, scrubs and tonics. I will taking some of these scrubs to TT and making an effort to use them. I'll also be taking these two products. I know I can probably get them in LA but they don't exactly take up that much room and one less thing to go hunting and gathering for in a strange city/country. Also will LA have Australia's #1 Cracked Heel balm?

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