Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lifted mood

I have just finished week 8 of the 60 day challenge. Home stretch, only 6 classes to go till I've completed the 51 classes in 60 days. This past week has felt like a cloud of fog has cleared. My roomie and I have both been dealing with some crazy stuff emotionally but I can see we on back on track. I am no longer angry. I've realised what emotions have been stirred up through my practice resonates in anger. Some people cry, I get mad baby!! I am an Aries after all, fire all the way.

I am sore now. I ache. I wake up with headaches despite drinking my own body weight in water. My muscles shake madly in Awkward, I fall out of the balancing series, I can barely lift my legs/body off the floor, my legs do not look like a perfect upside down L like Linda but who cares. I'm there, I'm present and I love this yoga.

I had probably the best class of the challenge on Tuesday night. It beat the socks off my last best class. We have a new visiting instructor from the States with whom I seemed to click with straight away. I like her style, she teaches an energising class to everyone as well as shooting out corrections and tips without blinking an eye. She's on it, she's on the whole room. You can not hide! You don't want to hide, her corrections are so encouraging and nice. Not that our usual teachers aren't nice but she makes you feel so relaxed without feeling bad you were doing it wrong.

I managed to skip out of work early and make the 5:30pm. My friend was finishing her 60 day so I wanted to be there. Tuesday is usually my Scarborough day so I missed out this week. Great class to finish on. DM rocked the front row and finished on a high. 

I received a lot of help in this class. I am flagging, I am tired so the encouragement really was appreciated. I've fallen into bad habits. Often if a lot of energy is directed on one student it can build the ego and take away the group energy. This didn't happen I feel. It made me stronger yes but the group was still working together. I have no ego right now anyway. A little help and high fives boosted my crumbled confidence. I needed a pick me up & I got it, I am very grateful. I busted out a nearly full expression of Sh2k. My toes flexed back toward my face effortlessly with both knees a locking, my hamstrings forgot they were tight, my standing leg was solid, concrete,one piece, lamp post, unbroken!

After class I was glowing. I felt awesome. I had a quick chat with the instructor who offered her time to chat about TT stuff if I needed. She also picked up on something that no one else has confronted me on. She asked if I worry when my practice is not spot on. She could tell I do. Probably as I scowl at myself or look annoyed when a posture isn't going well. I do have a strong practice (or else my director wouldn't be sending me to TT) but I'm no rock star. I do worry I'll stand out at TT for being a newbie who hasn't had years and years of practice under her shorts, just 15 months worth. It doesn't matter. I was told as long as I love the yoga, I want to be there and try to my best ability it'll be fine. And it will! 

I do love this yoga or why else would I have learned up to Wind removing pose!! (okay ego is back for this one but only coz I've put in the hard yards & studied my butt off this past 12 wks!) You get out of something what you put in. There's no free meal tickets for this one.


  1. nice! im feeling LOADS better myself. interesting how we are so far away but having similar stuff. love it! my mom is an aries... me, capricorn....

  2. spooky... I'm aries and my mum a capricorn....