Saturday, August 20, 2011

More stuff

Just to let you all know, I have 30kg luggage allowance. When I went to the UK just I had the same but came in at 21kg. Therefore I know clothes wise I'll be okay as I'll be taking less than the UK trip so I have room for more stuff!!

Over the past few months I've been squirreling away bits and pieces I've seen, usually on special, that I think will be useful for TT. I've been chucking it in a bag in my spare room cupboard. Today I got it out to have look. Wow, there's a nice stash there now. I've got:
  • a lot of pain medication/deep heat gel (I know can buy in LA but a few packets on hand for arrival will be nice)
  • electric toothbrush heads (I solemnly swore to my hygienist I would keep up her routine whilst away) oww need floss heads for my floss stick!
  • new padlock approved by USA customs
  • plug adapters
  • hair ties
  • lady products (on special/like the brand)
  • a pencil case (wow I'm ten yrs old again who has pencil cases over the age of 16?)
  • handy tissue packs for hand luggage
  • sun screen (UK bought really nice non greasy, doesn't stain/cack up clothes, knows it works) 
  • and a tea towel. 
I know why the hell did I get this last one. Must have been on special and I'm bound to forget to buy one when I get there. Just thought it would be useful to dry up the plastic plate, glass, cup, kitchen prep stuff that will be bought State side. Hmmm yeah maybe tea towel can stay home, if I'm getting all the above surely when I buy dish washing liquid I'll remember the towel! 

My stash of stuff!

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