Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UK riots

What is happening over in the UK? I've been shocked to see the violence and looting escalate out of control over the past few days. It's now spread outside of London to other major cities. Manchester, Leicester and Birmingham are rioting. I hope Sheffield does not join in too. The reason why this is going on is now a blur. 

It's very worrying and shocking to see my country of origin being battered and blown up by mindless thugs who seem to want a new pair of trainers and a flat screen. 

Here's me whining about a meager 60 day challenge and how tired I am, whilst people at home have lost everything and living in fear. I've checked in with my friends. Some are close to the danger but are being vigilant. Where's Bat Man when you need him?

It saddens me. All my friends and family are in the UK. I have three pregnant friends in London and many, many more friends there too who I'm worried about. I really hope the British Government gets there act together soon. The West Australian is full of stories of fellow Aussies that have been caught up in the attacks too. My bosses family friends daughter saw her flat in Hackney burn to the ground. She'd only been in London six months and now has lost everything. 

What is the world coming too? I'm thinking of you all over in the UK, stay safe and I really hope this craziness comes to an end soon.


  1. Ey up - yep this rioting has been a total disgrace - I fucking hate all those braindead little fuckwits who think the world owes them a fucking living!!!!!! BASTARDS! Luckily no rioting in Sheff, which makes me feel at least happy that our fabbo city has a margin of a brain and bit of respect for others...maybe? Anyhow, sounds like you need to get a grip honeybuns - you sound knackered and I'm not surprised, don't think you should be either? Crazy early mornings, mad sweaty yoga challenge, full time job, revising for training, looking after house and bloke plus trying to fit in sleeping, eating and basic needs EVERY DAY! Come on you twerp you are bound to be tired! But only a few more days to go and the challenge is done, and keep in mind how bloody good and prepared thats going to make you feel taking on crazy Bikkers in LA! Just make sure you give yourself at least a bit of a rest PLLLLEEEAAASSSSE when its finished or I'm a bit worried you will end up in meltdown! Lots of love and try to remember you actually aren't superwoman XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. H I love you. Yeah i'm not Superwomen, I'm Kat Women!!!!! hahaha. Yeah apparently this is all part of the process. I feel so much better today, 2 weeks to go, the end is in sight. Don't worry I'll be kicking back the final 2.5 wks b4 LA for sure. I'm gonna be even more knackered in LA with 3 hrs sleep a night & 2 yoga's a day, look back on this n it'll look breezy. Ready for my adventure NOW!!! xxxxx

  3. Cool! Alfie send you a power lick too, he's currently zonked out on the bed next to me! Loving the facebook profile pic by the way tee hee think you should let him keep that on!!xxx

  4. ahh thanks Alf, power licks needed. NO the profile pic as to go it's just wrong. Even wronger his uncle drew the face on it....blahhhh!