Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to school

Getting ready for Teacher training is a bit like getting ready to go back to school for a new school year. There's supplies you need to get that you might not have or need renewing as they are old and tatty. 

We'll be spending a lot of hours sitting on our arse's listening to lectures. Some people might just sit there and listen (or sleep!), others will be scribbling away taking pages and pages of notes. I will a note taker. (girly swot) No doubt if I don't take notes I'll have forgotten by the next morning what was said. Also I've paid a lot of money for this course and I'd like a lasting reminder of the wisdom and knowledge we'll spend hours listening to. I'm hoping what we'll learn will be forever useful so I'm taking notes. 

What a great excuse to get down Officeworks and stock up! I love stationery, pretty colours and shiny covers. I splashed out on some biodegradable biros too. Gotta do our bit for the environment. I have two note pads (Anatomy, Bikram/ general stuff), a slim small pad for shopping lists/roomie notes, journal, highlighters and pens. I know, I know, I can get this crap in LA but I'll have more important things to shop for when I get there, like food and appliances. The less I buy there might mean more for me to hike over in my luggage but less for me to haul back to the hotel in taxis or buses. Plus if I buy these here they are fully tax deductible as 'home office' supplies.

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