Sunday, August 28, 2011


Packing. The essence of a trip away from home. Type A's like me have a ball or a stressful time with this one. I'm 50/50 (equal & simultaneous!) on the subject. I love making lists and checking off items as they've been packed. But I do stress I will forget things. I'm going to America, not the third world. When I travelled around the back lands of India I needed sterile needle kits and what not, I won't be needing such extensive cautionary items on this trip. My fully comp travel/medical insurance will make sure I get all the best things Western medicine can offer if I need & I know it'll be sterile.

So I have made a list. Two lists actually. One for packing, one for buying in LA. My roomie & I have already discussed what food making equipment we'll be needing and are splitting the cost. There is a lot I can buy in LA but I'd like a little of what I know for when I get there.

Clothes. I'm taking all my yoga outfits and some new one's. I'm going to try and keep the new/good stuff for posture clinics or towards the end. Wear out and bin the old stuff first. Causal clothes. I've listed loads but again I'd rather have things I like and are from home, bit of comfort. If these wear out, they will be binned and replaced. I'm not taking a graduation dress. That will be a BIG adventure weekend towards the end of TT. My treat, I get to buy a new dress in LA. Plus who knows my shape might have changed drastically and one I take might not fit.

Here's my list. It's very personal to me & I know what the abbreviations mean, I thought I'd post it to give any other trainees something to start from. I didn't know how to upload a PDF so you'll just have to read it here as a jpg:
Things to buy in LA

Thing to pack in luggage


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