Friday, August 5, 2011

Don't wear green

For those who have done their research it is a well known fact you must not wear or bring anything which is green to BYTT. No mats, clothes, towels, bags and possibly notebooks, anything in this colour. The reason is very personal to Bikram and green in his culture is a symbol of bad luck. He'll tell the story and explain his reasoning at BYTT. I won't tell it here as it's no my story to tell. Anyway the rule is NO GREEN.

I respect this, I don't have any green clothes anyway. Apart from one pair of shorts with a small splash on it. On the FB discussion of this topic it was decided even this small splash is not good, leave them at home. Being a cheeky bugger, I wanted to get it clear that there are a lot of variations of the colour green. Maybe I need my Pantone book as reference just to make sure I don't get caught with any colours that may be classed as green. Here's the photo I posted last week....all in good humor of course, no offense should be taken I was just trying the lighten the mood as some vagina's were getting sandy on the subject. Bahhh haaa haaaa!

What is my Tiffany blue wall actually verging on green?!

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