Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weighty issues

It's been a hot topic of conversation on the FB page with the ladies. Weight. TT does crazy things to the body. Your eating on the run, you don't have a full kitchen or time to cook properly, let alone a decent sized fridge. For me I'll be in a strange country with food brands and supermarkets that are alien to me. It's not the third world, I'm sure I'll find the equivalent brands/foods I get here. I won't starve. 

Anyway, it's a fact most people put on weight at TT. However no one has actually said how many dress sizes they grew, unless I missed it. Our Spring TT graduate came back looking lean, toned and amazing. (I didn't know her before but still she looks good now) You can put on 10kg of lean muscle and drop a dress size. Lean muscle weighs more than fat and takes up less room. 

I am a typical girl I freak out if the scales go up. This past two months I've stayed away from the scales. I know I've not been eating great as I'm tired so have been craving sugar and carbs. I did get on the scales 'just to see' the other day. Oh crap, I have put ON 2kg. BUT my clothes still fit, my jeans even feel a little slack. My pants are well saggy on the bum. My buddha belly is there, I store cortisol (stress hormone) in my stomach area. Hopefully as I chill out this will go. I'm probably bloated too from all the water I'm drinking.

So, 2 kg of lean muscle, I hope! If it was 2kg of pure lard surely I'd have grown out my clothes? The back fat that was oozing out my yoga tops seems to have shrunk. I even think one top is a touch looser. The girls are still there, I hate it when you lose weight and your boobs shrink. There is new day light between my thighs in two places. No longer do my thighs touch from crotch to knee, blooming horse riders thighs.

I will try my very best, as I've said before, not to eat crap at TT by using the excuse I need the fuel. I will need the fuel but healthy, good nutritious food, lots of that and less of the crap. I am going to contact, before I go, an excellent life/nutrition coach Kat Eden, whom I took a lecture with last year. We talked a lot about cravings and if you crave a certain type of food it does mean you are lacking in some vital nutrition. I need to get it clear that if I'm craving chocolates what do I actually need to have which is not chocolate. Kat did tell us pure, organic dark Cocoa will hit the spot here but I've forgotten (should have it written down somewhere) what the sugar craving can be hit with instead of sugar. I remember that if I'm craving chips I need salt, kinda obvious. 

Kat is a HUGE protein girl who doesn't believe that we need whole grains. Her before and after pictures are a testimonial to this. She apologizes for putting people on tuna salad and brown rice diets. She also advises against loads of cardio. A little is good for a strong heart but weight bearing exercise is the way to a leaner bod and strong bones. Us Bikramers get worked out all over, inside out, bones to skin, finger tips to toes so that's cool. (but we should do a weights work out too twice a week) 

She gave us some great advice to EAT before the 5:45am class. But only a tiny amount of pure protein. Half an egg, cold good quality, organic meat but only a mouthful or good quality organic nut butter. Eggs didn't work for me, even my home grown free range eggs. Meat and nut spread did. I had energy for the class without feeling sick. As long as I had it an hour before, easy with my 25 minute journey to the studio. I'll be taking this with me to TT as I'm planning on sleeping as long as possible before the 8:30am class. A few teaspoons of nut spread and possibly a protein shake will be the go.

It'll be a challenge to stay healthy in LA. I will try. I will not give in, despite how social, to eat crap. Weekends, well that will be a treat. 80% good, 20% dirty. Heck I've heard so much about chuffing red velvet cup cakes from Sprinkles I'm gonna have one. Mmmm and breakfasts at Mel's/Denny's diners I remember dearly from my last trip to California! Oww Hooters chicken wings. OMG stop me now!!


  1. You must have been wound up to post so many entries in one day... Appreciate the post on magnesium...Congrats in advance on completing your challenge!... Looks like you are all set to come stateside. Sending positive energy to you!! Peace.

  2. Hi Mark, yeah I only meant to write two then got on a roll!! Lots to write about this week. Thanks for message, I'm really ready to get on the plane & just do yoga for 9 weeks. :-)

  3. so so so soooooo ready to get on a plane and do yoga for 9 weeks too! i need to get a proper packing list going as it is so close. but i think the one at the top of the list is get a fucking plane ticket! hahaha.

  4. Ahh yes a plane ticket would be handy dear ;-)

    3 week count down *jumps up & down clapping like a muppet!*