Friday, August 5, 2011


Over the past few months I have been given a plethora advice regarding BYTT. It's been awesome, most parts of it. Sometimes I feel overloaded & have no idea who to listen to. Obviously everyone giving the advice has been through TT themselves. Everyone is different and no two experiences will be the same. 

I was very grateful to get five minutes with a super senior teacher from HQ who is close to Bikram. I took her class in February and I felt she was someone worth listening to. (not that everyone else in my yoga circle isn't, just this lady had a special edge to her) The best advice she gave me was that nothing can prepare you for TT. Just go there, do it and trust that process. The second golden nugget was I should try to take a class with Bikram at HQ with his own students. He apparently teaches very different at TT (we know this already) to at home. By taking a home class we will see the true Bikram, probably how we imagine him to be, not masked in show boating. Sadly I'm doubting I will get this experience. When I arrive in LA, Bikram will be in Seattle for a seminar. 

The main gist of our conversation was down to well being. I was told don't do anything crazy with my diet. Stick to what I do now and what I know works for me. Others might go on crazy diets/detox's, start eating stuff they don't usually eat because it's cheap & easy (ie. I don't eat burgers and chips so I won't be joining the In n Out Burger parties). This will mess you up if your not used to it. I've heard people mention at TT you told to eat meat. I can see why as I'm a big believer in protein and exercise but if you've been vego most of your life that is crap advise as your body will have no idea how to process it. Meat does take a while to digest. I didn't eat meat for 8 years and when I started again I did have some gut issues. Admittedly I feel better for being back on the flesh but I often have vego days to keep it clean. This instructor actually said she goes vego on her practice days as that works for her. It's clean food that is easily digested and nourishing. Again, like me if your a meatasuarus you'll need your meat if that's where you strength is coming from.

Water and himalayan salts as well as a well balanced, clean, fresh diet is all you need to survive. I was told not to go OTT on supplements, powders and potions. Get what I need from my food. I have my electrolytes sorted, I know what's good for me now so I'll carry that on at TT. I was warned don't drink too much water too quick, it'll just flush out your kidneys and wash all the nutrients out with it. Stay hydrated and replace what you loose but if your drinking so much your peeing every five minutes that is counter productive. 

Lastly, and most important, HAVE FUN!!!! Enjoy it, don't spend 9 weeks on a hater. Embrace the challenge. Stay away from the drama, DO NOT get involved in the politics, pay attention in the lectures and learn your dialogue. Thank you for listening....

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