Thursday, September 29, 2011

A release!

Hump day of week 2. It's been a tough one. I'm pushing through but have found my knees are started a new relationship with my mat. It's okay, it's 100% normal, I am not beating myself up about it. 

One of my personal goals here at TT is to have a release in some way. I feel I am due one. Then again, as my roomie commented I may not need one, there might not be a blockage. Maybe I just want to be part of the gang who are having emotionally clearing moments and feeling better afterward for it.

But today in the morning class my release came. In the form of a river of blood flowing out of my nose. I was going down into half tortoise when I saw little spots of red on my shiny white towel (supplied & washed by the hotel, phew!). Emergency moment, I hot trotted in out the room, only taking my hand away to show staff members the reason I was leaving. Wooow wee. Once I got outside the room, sat down was handed a clean towel and told to wait for the nurse did the river start. Biggest nose bleed ever. Sorry I have to share the details but it was like chunks of blood clots!!! Pretty darn impressive.

I've had nose bleeds in Australia when I worked outside in the top heat of summer so I wasn't too worried. This was the first yoga induced bleed. I've also been battling a cold this week & that is a usual sign for me to get a blood nose. But hey, it was a release!!!! The nurse jammed ice in the roof of my mouth, found me a wall & told me to stay upright. I felt fine though, I actually wanted to laugh, probably because I was covered in blood. 

Once it stopped I just made it back in the room for Spinal Twist. I think I shocked the outside staff as I leaped up begging to be let back in. It was a nice driver reviver to get some air but I will try my best to make sure it doesn't become a habit. It would have been bad form to stay in the room and bleed out everywhere though!

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