Monday, October 3, 2011

Week Two round up

Time is certainly flying by. Our daily schedule is in full swing now. We have to sign in for everything or else we join ‘Team Saturday’, aka the 11am make up class, pretty much straight after the 8am as classes are tending to run for two hours.

People have more defined cliques this week. I have found my people. We are on the same wave length and have the same reasons, goals and aspirations for being here. Number one my clan have compassion and respect. 

The Yoga room was like Death Valley at the start of the week. It was like trying to breath in a cloud. Didn’t help I’ve cold a cold and a reoccurring sore throat. I struggled with my ice, it is still a distraction in the hot, hot, hot classes. Dousing my mat with ice between postures so I can lay in a pool of icy niceness is quite embarrassing. It’s not just me but I shouldn’t let that be an excuse.

After the nose bleed class on Wednesday morning I was revived by an awesome class with Marlin from Aspen in the evening. She left the door open!!!!! I was about 0.5 km away from said door but it made the difference. I had a near normal practice for me, ie. I did every posture, was focused & didn't touch my ice. We could all breath & no one threw up or left the room.

You can never predict anything here it’s a waste of time/energy doing so. Rolling with it is one of my strong points right now. After a great Wednesday pm class I was literally left for dead Thursday morning. Such a shame as Emmy was teaching. We had no idea and by a twist of fate ended up on the back line near the middle of the room aka the death zone. Emmy teaches from a chair at the back. She most definitely probably saw me laid in recovery position for most of the floor series. It took every once of will power not to leave the room.

Two of my mat buddies left. It was so hard. I made it through. I keep questioning is it better to stay in the room & do nothing but lay out the floor postures or leave, revive and come back in & do something. We have been told only we can decide on that. I stayed in the room and did nothing. I could barely walk out the room at the end. I couldn’t even stand up to wait for the crowd to filter through the door. I ended up sitting by the door waiting for it to clear.

The week finished strong class wise, such a contrast. We all have delivered Half Moon to Bikram. Posture clinic starts next week, wooo hooo!! So excited for that. We had our first and only, so far, late night Bollywood movie, 2:30am finish. Friday a speech therapist gave a lecture on how to look after and use our voice properly. Much needed advice as our future teaching career will depend so much on the voice. We had Friday night off to relax, so great. The girls and I hit up a cute Mexican for huge burritos. It’s strange to say I hadn’t left the hotel or even been in the lobby from Sunday night to Friday night. This course is not for the claustrophobic or fresh air lovers!

Food wise, I am still not properly hungry, probably as I have to eat when I’m not hungry or else I don’t get to eat. I’ve moved onto eating steak instead of cold meats. So much better. I even managed to boil up some pasta in my water boiler. Crazy I’m craving hot food after being in a hot room four hours a day.

All in all I’m doing good. Nothing crazy has happened yet emotionally or physically. I’m looking after myself on all levels which is helping a lot I think. I’m having my first massage today even though nothing is really hurting too bad yet. People are sharing their problems and drama’s but I’m not getting involved. Just being supportive by listening. It’s nice to know we are all having such individual, personal experiences. One course with 400 different journeys.  

Friday night freedom

My small Burrito omm nom nom

International friends!

Help! Let us out!!


  1. Glad to hear you are doing well so far! Hope there haven't been any more nosebleeds or injuries. Thank you for adding me to your blog list! Much respect and Good Luck!!

  2. Thanks Mark! No injuries to report and the nose bleeds have stopped. Pace is picking up for sure. Thanks for reading!