Monday, October 10, 2011


 Despite trying to stay out of the drama I feel I need to address an issue that is arising not for me but for others. The staff here in my opinion are great. They work so hard and are up just as long, if not longer than us. We average 17 hours days most days. They know what they are doing, they have run this course for a long time. Of course there will be glitches along the way, it’s only normal. I’m sure there are 100 better ways to run this course but that is not our place to say. As we say in Australia, “if you don’t like it leave!”

Some people have been giving the staff a hard time. Saying they are mean, rude and are treating us like children. Yes I have heard the staff take a certain tone but if you act like a child you’ll be treated like one. It was made very clear in week 1 no cell phones in lectures. If you break the rules you’ll be punished. If you don’t sign in, it’s Team Saturday for you. There needs to be that fear installed or else no one will pay attention.

Girly Swot Alert! I have had no problem with the staff. I have only had contact with them in posture clinic and they have been great, supportive and encouraging. I keep my head down, I go from A to B, I do what is asked and don’t break the rules. I’m rolling with it. There is no room here for personal agenda’s. I am on time, I sign in and shut up when told. Does help that my 2003 crappy cell phone does not have internet or the funds to be constantly texting so that temptation is gone.

I can understand and sympathize with the people who are having a hard time, missing home, need that outside world link. Multi task while your in the bathroom or preparing your food, that way you won’t be at risk of pissing the staff off by communicating in lectures. This is a copyrighted course, they don’t know if your feeding inside information out when your on your phone when in fact your just sending a message home. The rules are there for a reason, it may not be a clear or obvious reason but I’m going to respect them. Roll with it kids or as The Man would say “take a teaspoon of cement & toughen up.” Oh I miss him & his quirky comments!!!!

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