Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wooow we're half way there!

 We have passed the half way point! Down hill from here to the home straight. Week five is notorious for being ‘hell week.’ I have witnessed more break-downs, tears, tantrums, swearing, laughing and break throughs this week for sure. I started the week a little dark. I don’t know why. I just didn’t feel like talking to anyone or mixing. I needed some alone time. I soon snapped out of it.
I had the pleasure of meeting The Dancing J who’s blog inspired me to start this one. J is a lovely, kind and enthusiastic teacher. I was lucky enough to have her sit in on two of my posture clinics this week and take her class on Friday morning. The dialogue queen lives up to her reputation!
Posture clinics are flying by. We are done with the standing series and I presented cobra on Friday. I had a funny challenge this week. I had to dance around whilst presenting wind removing. The reason. I was told I was too stiff whilst presenting Tree/Toe. As instructed after Triangle I pulled my energy back and was less aggressive. I obviously went too far. It was cool, it was nice to do something a little wacky. Made me really have to think and breath. Good job it was a short posture!! Next challenge I need to learn the first 5 pranayama breathings for Monday. This will be the first time I have learned a posture from scratch to present pretty much straight away. Least I have the weekend. Some people have had to learn a posture in barely a few hours.
Our posture group 7 is bonding and coming together. We are 20 such individual personalities and all have so much to offer our future students in so many ways. It makes sitting on the floor for hours and hours a week slightly easier.
Awesome visiting teachers this week. John Salvatore swung by from Las Vegas, he rocked. Jenna from NYC was great also. Nicole from Arizona is sensational, she got us to sing Bon Jovi’s Living on Prayer after Wednesday mornings half way point class. Balwan got us through Saturday morning class with his great accent and ‘blonde’ moments. Bikram returned and was on fine form with colourful language and firing out corrections like a sniper. The room was steamier this week. The best conspiracy theory we heard was they turned the heat up to make us buy more water. I love the rumor mill, it brings a smile to my face. Just don’t believe a word of it unless it comes directly from the staff… actually even then it’s always ‘subject to change!’
Physically I am breaking down. I thought I was stiff last week but that was nothing compared to this week. My hips feel like they have been set in concrete. My arms are sore, thighs burning and knees crunching. I’m secretly hoping this is the stiffness before the break through type of thing. I girl can hope. It’s usual, I’m rolling with it and liberally dousing myself in arnica cream & soaking in Epsom salts. My body shape is changing. Things have tightened up and toned. I’m enjoying it whilst I can because I’m sure I won’t keep it up back in the real world i.e. two yoga classes a day gets results but it’s a routine that is not going to fit into my lifestyle at home (plus I won’t want it too!).
The late nights have kicked in. We started watching the Indian epic Mahabharata. Its part of the curriculum so we have to be attentive and watch it, no lying down, no pillows or blankets ;-) Sleep deprivation is part the ‘process.’ It’s not been too bad, 3:30am finish is better than 7:30am which was mentioned a few times. (note: sign in for yoga class is 8am!)
Thank you for everyone who is following and reading. Please feel free to ask any questions, I might not get back to you straight away but I will try! 
Anyway, I have my homework to do, study, study, study, inhale and exhale….


  1. Kat: I am so happy for you and all the trainees! No doubt your writing will inspire someone, somewhere, to follow their heart and become an instructor. Continued success!!

  2. Thanks Mark! We're over the hump and I'm glad I'm getting as much out of this experience as possible. Once in a life time opportunity!!

  3. I am inspired for sure...hope to send my money in next week.....Than you for taking the time to Blog....... Helen

  4. Hi Helen, you're welcome. Good on ya for having your application ready, good luck, it's the best decision you'll make ;-) Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Cheers, Kat.