Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hitting the ground running

The title of this post sums it up really. After five leisurely jet lags days I have literally not stopped. Nearly two weeks back at full time work, four yoga classes taught, eight practiced, I have been busy, busy, busy. 

Last weekend for example I left the house at 8:30am Saturday morning and didn't get home till 7:30pm Sunday night. I literally lived out my car but did get to sleep in a real bed Saturday. (my friends guest bed to be precise) But I'm loving it. Fast pace and furious is how I like it. If I'm not kept on my toes I get bored.

I am learning that I need to keep everything balanced. Setting up new files for teaching invoices/tax recipes is top of the list when I get a spare second. Christmas card writing took priority over that. Most of this will be digital but I still  have some actual paper work to deal with. Don't mess with the tax man. I'm making time for my personal practice. It's so important and will help my teaching. I like having the 'face time' with students too so they just don't see me on the podium but being a student as well. Too many teachers have told me they find it hard to keep up there own practice in order to teach full time. As I'm not teaching full time but working full time it still will be a challenge. So far, so good.

I started having Reiki healing which hopefully will help relax some of my mad energy. There was mention of post traumatic stress disorder as a result of attending TT. I laughed this off but I have had some nights I've woken up bolt upright in bed thinking I was sleeping through a lecture!! Even though I was one of the few who had a sunshine & rainbows experience I feel there was some dark energy I absorbed or was exposed to. That needs to be exorcised!!!

A few people have that they have found it hard to integrate back into real life after training. I've been too busy to have a choice, head first back into it. One weird thing is though I have found myself distancing myself from my fellow trainees. Of course there are the friends for life who I personally have emailed to touch base with. I've been keeping up with my posture clinic group in our own private area too. I mean I'm not really going into the general Facebook Group and mixing like I did before I left. Maybe it's the lack of time. Maybe I've just closed that circle. Everyone is on their own journey now. We shared the 9 weeks, now its time to move on. Just like training some will struggle, some will cruise it, I just haven't had the energy to follow it all online. I hope each and every person finds their way and finds their happiness but my way now is back in my own home space. I have let go, moved on and send them all good vibes.

With Christmas just around the corner I can't see things slowing down just yet. My day job closes for Christmas week, perfect opportunity for me to teach more! We are having a charity class on Christmas Day which should be fun. Not sure if I can mention what we are doing...I might leave it as a surprise but I'm really looking forward to it. A class with a 'twist!'

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