Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kids Yoga January 2012

Very exciting news for January. Both studio's BYJ & BYSB are running kids yoga over the school holidays. One hour class, no heat & lots of fun for children 6 - 13 years old. I was very inspired at training when Jim Kallet's ten year old son jumped up on the podium with Bikram and busted out some floor series poses. 

Children are naturally bendy but lack the obvious concentration span adults have. There for the floor series postures are great for them, balancing in the standing series not so good. Also they can't sweat, hence no heat. It's so fantastic children are getting the opportunity to have a go at yoga in Perth. It will build strength mentally and physically, boost confidence & develop social skills. Yoga for children has also been noted for helping with conditions such as ADHD. By starting children young at yoga will help set them up for an adult practice & a happy, healthy life style. Start good habits at grass roots!!!

If you are in Perth and have children 6-13 bring them along. Details are on both studio websites (BYJ & BYSB) or here's the poster for BYJ.

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