Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Year, New changes

Yes my work has slowed right down this week. After barely having time to take five minutes for myself last week, I'm blessed with a little down time. I'm actually feeling inspired to write as well which is a good sign that I'm thinking more of my needs instead of constantly putting others first. Don't get me wrong, I love to give but I have been made more aware I need to hold a little back for myself in order to have the strength to give to others. 

New Moon on Saturday, the last of this year. Time to make a wish, set a good intention and make it happen. At my Reiki session we talked about this & I set my intention then and there. It's personal so sorry I'm not sharing it with the world. (keeping that little bit back for me!!) I'll reenforce it on Saturday night.

New Years always bring change, the date is the first thing to change. 2012. Wow, time flies hey. Two of my close school friends will be having their first babies in January & I have a wedding penciled in too for later in the year. 2011 has been amazing for me. Strong, positive, full of growth. Of course mistakes have been made, lesson's learned. I'm moving into the new year with a smile on my face & the strength to make things happen.

2012 has already got change penned it for me. My office is having a make over for one. The franchise we are part of brought out new branding a long while back and it's time for us to catch up. Total revamp, even walls are moving. Most excitingly I get my own office!!!! Wow wee! Not that I have it bad now, I only share with one other person. An office too myself means I can carve out this space to be the art room of dreams. It will be a very well thought out space to maximise creativity and positive energy. We've been working together drawing up the plans & all my ideas have been taken on board. I might reintroduce the inspiration wall which hasn't had a home thus so far. I've already had my Creative Suite software upgraded, very grateful for this, can do so much more funky new tricks with it.

I finally will be getting my wisdom teeth removed in January. I'm not sad to see them go after years of swelling, soreness and tooth ache. Be gone useless, nasty beings. It will be the first time I have ever had surgery. Scary. I've never had anything added to my body in way of modifications and likewise have never had anything removed. Natural as the day I was born (sorry that's a lie, I highlight my hair!). First time for everything. I'm thinking strongly that everything will go smoothly, nothing will get infected & the swelling be minimal. I'll have to take a week off work (sick pay phew) and teaching (sad face), it might be the only way to get me to sit still for five minutes & relax. Who's betting I'll be studying dialogue that week?!!

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