Friday, December 30, 2011

With gratitude

I was really touched with gratitude this year how my friends and family have really taken interest in what I've been up to. The gifts I received reflected this interest. I know there is more to Christmas than gifts. I give gifts as a sign of love and friendship to people who mean a lot to me. I do spend a lot of time carefully selecting gifts. Charity donations are awesome presents. As are the many yoga gift vouchers I sold over the past month at both studios, the gift of health & fitness. Being so far away from most of my friends, a small token in the mail is like sending a small part of me as I can't be there in person.

Here are the thoughtful gifts I received. Yoga themed! A lovely Lululemon bag which is HUGE and has many pockets, perfect for teaching & practicing. (I did buy myself a similar, smaller Lulu bag in LA which I have now passed onto a new home) This came my way from The Man's mum along with a lovely lilac pashmina. All the way from London arrived an amazing fair trade yoga mat bag. Useful and for a good cause. (Made in Bikram's home town of Calcutta no less) From my friend and healer a beautiful hand made Mala with beads carefully selected to keep me balanced. Finally my very own Buddha statue from The Man. He is currently watching over my front garden (facing East) until we can construct a proper shrine area for him. The chickens aren't quite sure of our new addition but they are slowly getting closer but maybe they are just after the food offerings. 


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