Friday, December 2, 2011

Let loose!

After a successful mock class I was let loose on the public for the Tuesday 5:45am class.

I'll back track a bit first. I started back at my full time day job on the Monday. It felt right to be going back, I was a little apprehensive my stand in might have done such a rocking job they might not want me back. Didn't need to worry, quite the opposite happened. My marketing manager greeted me with the words "please, never go away again." I won't go into details but let's say I was welcomed back with open arms and I felt very much appreciated. My desk looked like a bomb site. After a quick tidy up and bin session I was back in business.

Other instructors have said it takes a while to readjust back into the real world. I've been okay. Nothing has felt weird. It's just normal, like I have never been away. Maybe because I was really centered before I left. I knew I was doing the right thing and I knew I had a great place to come back to. Positive thinking at it's best. Doubt grows and feeds more doubt. Positive outlooks become reality if you truly believe in what you are wishing for.

A lot of people go to Training to change their lives and finally get to do a job they love. I didn't want a new career, I have a very nice, successful one thank you, I was after something extra to enrich what I already have. I like to have the best of both world's where possible and now I have it. How irritating am I, I know, two jobs I love. Believe you can have it all and you will. (or just read The Secret and everything will become clear where I'm coming from)

Day two back at work & my 'new work' routine started. I had to get up super early 4:15am to be at the studio at 5:05am to open up & learn the ropes. I had some help that first morning which was great. Nineteen keen students turned up. Three familiar, happy faces were amongst them which was a comfort (thanks Bianca, Shelley F & Bridget!) I had headset problems which threw me a bit but soon I was well under way. I love teaching. Just the simplest change of tone/command and you can see the students move deeper, work harder with your words, get maximum benefits! Such a privilege to be helping people get themselves healthy and fit. What a job!!!

When that job was done and everyone was safely out the door. Time for a quick shower, change and off I went to the day job. I was sat at my desk only 20 minutes after my official start time, very happy I found a car parking space and I'd done my bit for the greater good. 

A fantastic perk that come's with being a teacher means I can use the staff changing room!! No more waiting in line for a shower & I can spread out, no more sharing bench space. I also get to leave my stuff there too. No more hiking my huge wash bag & towels around. I really went to town with that one. Purchasing a shiny purple caddy to keep my shampoo & it's friends in. I will miss the morning chit chat in the student changing rooms but it might mean we all get out the door a bit quicker.

This has been a gentle week of two classes to get me started and then it's into full swing. I'm scheduled on for four classes next week including my first class at BYSB!!

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