Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Side Note on Yoga Clothes for TT

The last post got me thinking that I should write about yoga clothes for teacher training. I'm sure some future trainees might find it helpful. Disclaimer:This is my personal view, some fellow teachers might think different but this is what I discovered.

I had it in my head I needed 11 full sets to last the whole week. No you don't, save the suitcase space/money. 6 would have done fine as I hand washed/soaked straight after class in the sink. Drying is the problem. Ended up getting a small fan (Target $15) to help things dry quicker on the clothes rack ($20 Bed, Bath & Beyond - Sepulveda Blvd, 10 min walk from the Rad, they couldn't re stock the racks quick enough). Some brands dried super quick but my Lulu shorts too days to dry before the fan was introduced. Clothing companies drop by and say hi, loads of opportunity to buy new, exciting outfits from them, sometimes discounted but not vastly.

Personally I buy things to last, especially if I'm using them every day like yoga clothes. I'd rather spend good money on something that will go long haul & is comfortable. I'd go for comfort & fit first which I've only found with good quality, proper yoga brands. Nothing worse than shorts you are forever pulling up/down. Again, this is personal. If you are planning on throwing every piece of yoga clothing out after training to invest in nice sets after training, then yes buy cheapo, mend & make do clothes. A lot of people only took their old, knackered sets so they could be thrown out.

I recommend, if you don't already, wear shorts to practice in at training. Start before you go to get used to them/feel comfortable wearing them. You won't see yourself in the mirror & no one's cares if you have self perceived chunky, dimpled thighs. They are far too busy trying to survive those mind melting classes to be worried about your legs. Bikram gets upset if he can't see your knees for locking reasons. Plus it bloomin' hot in the yoga room, less clothes to better! Shorts are easier to wash too.

NO BANDEAU/TUBE TOPS even proper yoga one's. Bikram got very p*ssed off at my training as girls just couldn't stop adjusting them. It was a distraction for Boss & the chicks wearing them. You'll probably get told this when you get there but best know now so you don't pack a bunch of bandeau and can't wear them!

Make sure you take some clothes for posture clinics ie. what you will be teaching in. Some girls wore their class outfits (Shorts and crop tops), others like me came armed with capris and nice tank tops (3 sets was more than enough, capris came in handy to wear in lectures too, comfy). They don't have to be big brand names just nothing worn out/shabby looking or you will be sent to change & get a make up class. It's an investment after all, you will need clothes to teach in so why not, or wait till after training for the Lulu discount. (you need to show your certificate when you register in store) Get some Target stuff to get you through Training.

Oh yeah, last point on clothes: NOTHING GREEN. Not for yoga, lectures, posture clinic, graduation just don't do it. I know there is 100's of variations of the colour but use your common sense. If you have to ask, don't wear it. 

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